Thursday, May 11, 2017

SPFBO 2017

This year is the 2nd year in which The Qwillery is participating as an "agent" in The Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off (SPFBO). We had a huge learning curve last year and have made some changes to how we will be handling which books get full reviews and how we choose our finalist.

Four of us will be reading the beginning (up to 50 pages) of every book assigned to The Qwillery to find books that we want to read fully and review. If you can't interest one of us in the those first several chapters then we will not read the full book. We hope to end up with at least 5 books that get full reads. Those books will be reviewed and the book we put through to the final round will be chosen from those books.

As soon as we have all the covers we'll pick our favorites and post about them. If you'd like to send a high-res cover to us please send it to theqwillery . reviews @ gmail . com (remove all the spaces).

The Qwillery Slush Pile
Rachel AaronNice Dragons Finish LastHeartstrikers 1
Linda AcasterTorc of MoonlightTorc of Moonlight 1
Sandra Ulbrich AlmazanSeasons' BeginningsSeason Avatars 1
M. R. AnthonySoldiers' RedemptionFirst Cohort 1
Lucia AshtaMagic AwakensWitching World 1
Sonya M. BlackThe Snow White FilesTwisted Files 1
K. R. BoyterThe Legends of Grimous IronbloodCurious Bottle 1
Elle CaseyThe ChangelingsWar of the Fae 1
Cynthia Joyce ClayThe Romance of the Unicorn
Jessica V. FisetteFire and IceAldurian Chronicles 1
Matt GilbertThe Dead God's EyeEye of the Lion Saga 1
Jeramy GobleSouls of AstraeusAkallian Tales 1
Alexander GrantThe Forbidden CityKing's Lion Tales 1
S.C. Green
Lindsey R. Loucks
Petrified CityChronicles of the Wraith 1
D.K. HolmbergSoldier SonTeralin Sword 1
James JakinsSon of ThunderThunder's War 1
Brandon LeeThe Beginning After the End
K. Bird LincolnTiger Lily
M T McGuireFew Are ChosenK'Barthan 1
Matt MossThe Path of ManSoul Stone Trilogy 1
C.K. RiekeThe Road to LightPath of Zaan 1
Pauline M. RossThe Dragon's EggBrightmoon 6
Simon RudmanThreads of an EmpireBreaker of Nations 1
Katika Schneider DevotionThe Afflicted Saga: Tale of the Fallen 1
Anthea SharpElfhameSkeleton Key
Jack SimmondsThe Boy With Purple Eyes
Alex C. VickBreaking MagicLegacy of Androva 5
Adam VineCorruptionCorruption Cycle 1
Vicki L. WeavilCrown of IceMirror of Immortality 1
Tara WestCurse of the Ice DragonKeepers of Stones 1

Authors please let us know if we have anything wrong above and we'll fix it. Good Luck!

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  1. Hi -- do we need to send you a copy of our books now, or is that later? (New to this, obviously). Thanks!