Wednesday, May 31, 2017

ONIRIM Expansion Available on iOS and Android: The Glyphs

First Onirim Expansion Now Available on iOS and Android: The Glyphs

Asmodee Digital and Z-Man Games Release Update for Digital Adaptation of Award-Winning Solitaire Game

PARIS - May 26, 2017 - Asmodee Digital today announced the first major update for Onirim on iOS and Android - The Glyphs. The expansion is free to download for any player who connects to a new or existing Asmodee Digital account.

The Glyphs expansion adds four additional doors, one of each color, to the base game, but also new cards of each color with the Glyph symbol. These Glyphs not only count as another unique symbol to use in sequence (since players can’t play identical symbols in a row), they also add a unique ability: when discarding a Glyph, the player triggers an Incantation allowing them to reveal the next five cards of the deck. If at least one door is revealed, the player can put one (of any color) immediately into play.

This update also addresses minor bug fixes on the Prophecy and the Nightmares. Another update is coming soon with even new expansions and new features.

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Onirim takes players on a journey through their dreams, where players will need to play cards carefully to beat the luck of the draw. In the game, players are Dreamwalkers lost in a mysterious labyrinth. To escape, they’ll have to find and reveal all eight door cards hidden in the deck, either by drawing and playing sets of cards or by using a powerful key card when they have a door card in their hand. As a further complication, the deck is stacked with nightmare cards, which disrupt the best laid plans by forcing players to discard cards they’d rather keep.

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