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Guest Blog by Christie Meierz - Empathic Misfits: The Outcastes and Exiles of Tolari Space

Please welcome Christie Meierz to The Qwillery. Farryn's War was published on September 22, 2015.

Empathic Misfits
The Outcastes and Exiles of Tolari Space
by Christie Meierz

         The Tales of Tolari Space began by introducing the empaths of Beta Hydri IV through the eyes of a young teacher, Marianne Woolsey, sent by her government to Tolar to teach six human languages to the ruler’s daughter, a child destined by her birth to become his future ambassador. Unbeknownst to Marianne, Earth’s government had its own reasons for wanting a foothold in Tolari space, and this became the focus of the adventures and relationships in The Marann and its two sequels, Daughters of Suralia and The Fall.
         The Tolari were gifted with direct emotional communication by alien Benefactors, who took their ancestors from Earth and “adjusted” their biology, and this first series explored what such genetic and psychological tinkering might do to the Tolari, from family structure and childrearing to morality and warfare. The reader got to see the Tolari through human eyes, and most of these Tolari were honorable and noble characters, living according to the standard of their own civilization.
         But in The Fall, the Tolari were forced by circumstances to recognize that humans and other races of the Trade Alliance were determined to gain access to and control over a dangerous region called the Drift, a turbulent bubble of K-space a dozen light-years across which had protected Tolar for thousands of years. A long period of social stability—some might call it stagnation—was destroyed.
         A second series, Exiles of the Drift, was born.
         The first book of this new series, Farryn’s War, follows a disgraced Tolari leader into human space, a man determined to revenge himself on the ruling caste that had exiled him and on the lover who had left his side. It looks at a seamier side of the universe, and explores questions of honor, loss, love, and ambition, and what happens to those who are cast out of Tolari society.
         The Exiles series explores what is going on in human space, 500 years from now. I want to give readers of all sorts a reason to explore my world, and having two series is one way of establishing side-by-side events without confusing the reader.
         So what’s different? Readers will find more traditional planetary romance in the Tales of Tolari Space; there is still a lot to discover on Tolar, and in the depths of the Drift. On the other hand, the new series that begins with Farryn’s War, Exiles of the Drift, will have more tech, and more spaceships—but it will also look at those among the Tolari who just don’t fit in on a world where everyone’s feelings are obvious: the misfits, criminals, seekers, and outcastes of Tolar and human space.

Farryn's War
Exiles of the Drift 1
Parania Press, September 22, 2015
eBook, 364 pages

A novel of love, vengeance, and a world re-opened to the stars.

The empathic Tolari of the Beta Hydri system shunned space travel for thousands of years. Farryn of Monralar tried to shake his people from their isolation—tried and failed, losing his honor in the process. Now an exile, he puts his past behind him by building his own criminal empire among the colonies of Earth.

Only his estranged lover Sharana—scholar, political analyst, and one of the most powerful empathic sensitives on Tolar—dares to follow him into human space, desperate to find out what has become of him, hopeful of convincing him that she never betrayed him.

Unfortunately, Earth Central Security is watching, and Sharana has no idea what she is getting herself into.

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About Christie

Award-winning author Christie Meierz writes space opera and science fiction romance set in a civilization of empaths on the edge of a dystopic Earth empire. Her published works include her bestselling debut novel, The Marann, its sequels, and two prequel short stories published in Into Tolari Space ~ The First Contact Stories. Her forthcoming novel, Farryn’s War, will come out on September 22, 2015.

Christie has spent a night and/or eaten a meal in all 50 U.S. states, plus Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Currently, she lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her mathematician husband and an assortment of stuffies. When she’s not writing, she writes about writing on her blog, Meierz Musings (, and Facebook (facebook/christie.meierz and facebook/tolarispace), where she welcomes comments and friend requests.

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