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January 2018 Releases

Happy New Year!

Here is The Qwillery's list of novels, etc. being published in January 2018. If there is something that we've missed, please leave a comment below. Any genre mistakes are ours. Leave a comment below if you feel that the genre is wrong. Also note that this list is always under revision. Publication dates change. We try to keep this as accurate as possible. Please note that we use the publisher's publication date in the US. Check The View From Monday each week for each week's updated release list.

Debut novels are highlighted in blue. Novels, etc. by formerly featured DAC Authors are highlighted in green.

January 1, 2018
Krewe of Hunters Volume 6: Haunted Destiny\Deadly Fate\Darkest Journey (e) Heather Graham Th - Krewe of Hunters
Beg For Mercy (e) Jami Gray SFR - Fate's Vultures 2
Ashes of Angels (e) Michele Hauf PNR - Of Angels and Demons 4
Starborn Lucy Hounsom F - The Worldmaker Trilogy 1
To Seize a Wayward Spirit (e) R.L. Naquin UFR - Djinn Haven 2
The Judas Codex Mark Everett Stone SupTh - Judas Line Chronicles 2
Wolf Slayer (e) Linda Thomas-Sundstrom PNR
The Texas Shifter's Mate (e) Karen Whiddon PNR

January 2, 2018
The Waking Land (h2tp) Callie Bates F - Waking Land 1
House of Cry Linda Bleser Meta/TT
Heart on Fire Amanda Bouchet PNR - The Kingmaker Chronicles 3
The Skill of Our Hands (h2tp) Steven Brust
Skyler White
CF - The Incrementalists 2
Emergence C. J. Cherryh SF/AC - Foreigner 19
Convergence (h2mm) C. J. Cherryh SF/AC - Foreigner 18
The Queen of All Crows Rod Duncan SF/SP - The Map of Unknown Things 1
A Ghost's Story (h2tp) Lorna Gibb Occ/Sup
Doctor Who: The Book of Whoniversal Records: Official Timey-Wimey Edition Simon Guerrier SF/TV
Dangerous Promise (e) Megan Hart SFR - Protector 1
The Wanderers (h2tp) Meg Howrey LF/SF
The Wolves of Winter (D) Tyrell Johnson Dys
Born of Vengeance (h2mm) Sherrilyn Kenyon SFR - The League: Nemesis Rising 10
Neogenesis Sharon Lee
Steve Miller
SF/SO - Liaden Universe 21
Elizabeth's Wolf Lora Leigh PNR - Breeds 3
Game of Shadows (h2mm) Erika Lewis F
Fallen Gods James A. Moore F - Tides of War 2
Black Star Renegades (D - Solo) Michael Moreci SF/SO
The Outcasts of Time Ian Mortimer TT
Man-Kzin Wars III (e) Larry Niven SF - Man-Kzin Wars 3
The Lonely Hearts Hotel (h2tp) Heather O'Neill Hist
Doctor Benjamin Franklin's Dream America: A Novel of the Digital Revolution (D) Damien Lincoln Ober SF/CyP
Frankenstein: How A Monster Became an Icon: The Science and Enduring Allure of Mary Shelley's Creation Sidney Perkowitz
Eddy von Mueller
The Collapsing Empire (h2mm) John Scalzi SF/SO - Interdependency 1
The Cackle of Cthulhu Alex Shvartsman (Ed) SF/HU - Anthology
Heart of the Wolf (10th Anniversary Edition) Terry Spear PNR - Heart of the Wolf 1
Wolf Slayer Linda Thomas-Sundstrom PNR
Cry Your Way Home Damien Angelica Walters H - Collection
Something to Howl About: An Alphaville Story (e) Christine Warren PNR
In Enemy Hands Limited Leatherbound Edition David Weber SF - Honor Harrington 7
The Texas Shifter's Mate Karen Whiddon PNR
Dragon Blood Eileen Wilks PNR - Lupi 14
The Heart of What Was Lost (h2tp) Tad Williams F - Osten Ard Series 11
The God Gene F. Paul Wilson Th - The ICE Sequence 2
Cobra Traitor Timothy Zahn SF - Cobra Rebellion Trilogy 3

January 3, 2018
Surrounded (e) Joel Derfner HistF - Tremontaine Season 3 #12
Chosen One (e) Andrea Phillips SFTh - ReMade Season 2 #7

January 7, 2018
Psience Fiction: The Paranormal in Science Fiction Literature Damien Broderick HC
A Green and Pagan Land: Myth, Magic and Landscape in British Film and Television David Huckvale HC

January 8, 2018
The Revolution (e) Alicia Michaels SF/GenEng/Dys - Bionics Novels 3

January 9, 2018
Infinity Engine Neal Asher SF/SO - Transformation 3
The Immortalists (h2tp) Chloe Benjamin LF
The Lost Plot Genevieve Cogman SF/TT - The Invisible Library  4
Sheltered Jen Colly PNR - The Cities Below
The Hostess With the Ghostess E. J. Copperman PCM - A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery
Stranger Magics Ash Fitzsimmons UF
Dark Screams: Volume Nine Brian James Freeman (Ed)
Richard Chizmar (Ed)
H - Anthology
Shroud of Eternity: Sister of Darkness Terry Goodkind F - The Nicci Chronicles 2
A Sword of Truth Set: The Chainfire Trilogy (Chainfire, Phantom, Confessor) (e) Terry Goodkind F - Sword of Truth Series
Gnomon Nick Harkaway Dys
Storm Crossed Dani Harper GothicR - Grim 4
Steadfast Michelle Hauck HistF - Birth of Saints 3
Through a Dark Glass Barb Hendee F/P
Imprinted (Ke) Jim C. Hines P - Magic ex Libris
The House on the Borderland and Other Mysterious Places William Hope Hodgson F - Collected Fiction of William Hope Hodgson 2
Farsight: Crisis of Faith Phil Kelly SF - Farsight 1
The Eyes of the Dragon (ri) Stephen King F
Points of Impact Marko Kloos SF - Frontlines 6
Beneath the Sugar Sky Seanan McGuire CF - Wayward Children 3
Only the Devil is Here Stephen Michell H
Robots vs. Fairies Dominik Parisien (Ed)
Navah Wolfe (Ed)
SF/F - Anthology
Prophecy's Daughter Richard Phillips F - The Endarian Prophecy 2
The Afterlives (D) Thomas Pierce FL/GH/LF
Happiness for Humans (D) P.Z. Reizin CW/HU/SF
Fulgrim: The Palatine Phoenix Josh Reynolds SF - The Horus Heresy: Primarchs 6
A Meddle of Wizards Alexandra Rushe F
Mistborn: The Wax and Wayne Series: (Alloy of Law, Shadows of Self, The Bands of Mourning) (e) Brandon Sanderson F - Mistborn Series
Vampire Wars Steven Savile F - Warhammer Chronicles 3
If You Are There (h2tp) Susan Sherman LF
Dark State: A Novel of the Merchant Princes Multiverse Charles Stross SF/TT - Empire Games 2
Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore (h2tp) Matthew Sullivan Psy
Sinless (D) Sarah Tarkoff Dys - Eye of the Beholder 1
The Chronicles of the Exile: (When the Heavens Fall, Dragon Hunters, Red Tide) (e) Marc Turner F - Chronicles of the Exile
Blood Fury J.R. Ward PNR - Black Dagger Legacy 3
The Infernal Battalion Django Wexler F - The Shadow Campaigns 5
The Poisoner's Enemy (Ke) Jeff Wheeler F - Kingfountain Prequel
The Questionable Behavior of Dahlia Moss Max Wirestone M - A Dahlia Moss Mystery 3

January 10, 2018
The Bones of Sanctuary (e) Amy Rose Capetta SFTh - ReMade Season 2 #8
A City's Favor (e) Racheline Maltese
Ian Derfner
Tessa Gratton
Karen Lord
HistF - Tremontaine Season 3 #13

January 15, 2018
Danger's Cure (e) Amanda Carlson Dys/PA - Holly Danger 4
A Conspiracy of Whispers (D)(e) Ada Harper SFR
Ornaments in Jade Arthur Machen H/Sup - Prose Poems

January 16, 2018
Apart in the Dark: Novellas Ania Ahlborn H - Collection
The House of Rumour (ri) Jake Arnott LF/Hist/Occ
Senlin Ascends (D) Josiah Bancroft F - Books of Babel 1
Nightwise (h2tp) R. S. Belcher UF - Nightwise 1
Sleep Over: An Oral History of the Apocalypse (D) H. G. Bells SF/AP/PA
The World of The Orville Jeff Bond TV/SF
Iron Gold Pierce Brown SF - Red Rising 4
January in Atlantis (e) Alyssa Day PNR - Poseidon's Warriors
HALO: Smoke and Shadow Kelly Gay SF - HALO
Palaces (D) Simon Jacobs LF/H
Black Wings of Cthulhu S. T. Joshi (Ed) H - Black Wings of Cthulhu 5 - Anthology
Dreamcatcher (ri) Stephen King SF/AC
Fire Logic (ri) Laurie J. Marks F - Elemental Logic 1
Iron Will (Ke) James Maxwell SF - The Shifting Tides 4
The Last Days of New Paris (h2tp) China Miéville F
The Night Market Jonathan Moore PsyTh
Binti: The Night Masquerade Nnedi Okorafor SF - Binti 3
Beauty Sarah Pinborough DF - Fairy Tales 3
The Complete Ack-Ack Macaque Trilogy Gareth L. Powell SF - Ack-Ack Macaque Omnibus
City of Endless Night Douglas Preston
Lincoln Child
Th/Occ - Agent Pendergast 17
A Treacherous Curse Deanna Raybourn HistM - A Veronica Speedwell Mystery 3
Indelible (h2tp) Adelia Saunders LF/MR
Frankenstein: The 1818 Text Mary Shelley Gothic/SF - Penguin Classics
Heartland (D) Ana Simo Dys
NightSun Dan Vining Dys
Blue Plague: Rage Thomas A. Watson SF/AP/PA - Blue Plague 4
The Beauty Aliya Whiteley H
The Infinite Future Tim Wirkus LF
The Swan Book (h2tp) Alexis Wright LF
Red Clocks Leni Zumas CW/Dys

January 17, 2018
The Ghoul Goes West: A Original (e) Dale Bailey F
Power Struggles (e) E. C. Myers SFTh - ReMade Season 2 #9

January 18, 2018
Doctor Who and the Krikkitmen (e) Douglas Adams
James Goss

January 19, 2018
Doctor Who: A British Alien? Danny Nicol HC/SF

January 22, 2018
Knight Magic (e) Yasmine Galenorn PNR - Otherworld
Devoted to Destiny (e) Lisa Kessler PNR - Muse Chronicles 5

January 23, 2018
Warden of the Blade (h2tp) David Annandale SF - Castellan Crowe 1
The Only Harmless Great Thing Brooke Bolander AH
The Martian Simulacra: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery (e) Eric Brown M/SF - NewCon Press Novellas Set 3
Roar of the Storm Adam Burch SF/SO - The Fracture Worlds 2
Miranda and Caliban (h2tp) Jacqueline Carey HistF
The Juniper Tree Barbara Comyns Fict/Myth/FolkT
Still So Strange Amanda Downum H/SF/F - Horror
House of Echoes (h2tp) Brendan Duffy Th/LF
Judgment Road Christine Feehan PNR - Torpedo Ink 1
Dark Imperium Guy Haley SF - Dark Imperium 1
Pandora: Outbreak Eric L. Harry SF/PA
Rogue Trader: The Omnibus Andy Hoare SF - Rogue Trader
The King of Bones and Ashes J.D. Horn CF - Witches of New Orleans 1
Fury Craig Martelle Dys/PA - End Times Alaska 4
Creatures of Light (e) Emily B. Martin F - Creatures of Light 3
Markswoman (D) Rati Mehrotra F - Asiana 1
SINthetic J.T. Nicholas SF/GenEng/CyP - New Lyons Sequence 1
The Memory Detective (e) T. S. Nichols SF/GenEng/Th
Elysium Fire Alastair Reynolds SF
Smoke City Keith Rosson MR/GB
Cast in Deception Michelle Sagara F - The Chronicles of Elantra 13
Cast in Shadow (ri) Michelle Sagara F - The Chronicles of Elantra 1
Cast in Courtlight (ri) Michelle Sagara F - The Chronicles of Elantra 2
The Sky Is Yours (D) Chandler Klang Smith LF/GB/PA
Her Beautiful Monster Adi Tantimedh M - Ravi PI 2
The Tree Na'amen Gobert Tilahun UF - The Wrath & Athenaeum 2
Starlings (e) Jo Walton F - Collection
The Raptor & the Wren Chuck Wendig SupTh - Miriam Black 5
Hug Chickenpenny: The Panegyric of an Anomalous Child S. Craig Zahler FairyT/FolkT/LM/Gothic

January 24, 2018
Siege Mentality (e) Andrea Phillips SFTh - ReMade Season 2 #10

January 29, 2018
Night of the Hunter Susan Harris PNR/FairyT/FolkT/LM/ - Ever Chace Chronicles 4
Exploring Picard's Galaxy: Essays on Star Trek: The Next Generation Peter W. Lee SocSci
Japan's Green Monsters: Environmental Commentary in Kaiju Cinema Sean Rhoads
Brooke McCorkle

January 30, 2018
American War (h2tp) Omar El Akkad LF/Dys
House of Secrets V.C. Andrews GothicR - House of Secrets 1
The Complete Predator Omnibus Nathan Archer
Sandy Schofield
The Dark Circus Ana Ballabriga
David Zaplana
Michael Meigs (Tr)
Arrow: Fatal Legacies James R. Tuck
Marc Guggenheim
MTI/SH - Arrow 3
Silence Fallen (h2mm) Patricia Briggs UF - Mercy Thompson 10
Iorich Steven Brust F - Vlad 12
The Swarm Orson Scott Card
Aaron Johnston
SF - The Second Formic War 1
Ready Player One (ri) Ernest Cline SF
Monster Hunter Memoirs: Sinners (h2mm) Larry Correia
John Ringo
UF - Monster Hunter Memoirs 2
The Wandering War (h2mm) Cindy Dees
Bill Flippin
F - The Sleeping King 3
The Ledberg Runestone Patrick Donovan UF - The Jonah Heywood Chronicles 1
The Reluctant Queen Sarah Durst F - Queens of Renthia 2
Future Dreams: Five Novellas (e) Brian Evenson
Gwyneth Jones
Laurie Penny
Bradley B. Beaulieu
Rob Ziegler
David Tallerman
SF - Novellas
Time Shards Dana Fredsti
David Fitzgerald
SF/TT - Time Shards 1
Debt of Bones (e)(ri) Terry Goodkind F - Sword of Truth 0.5
Heat: A Dragon Romance Donna Grant PNR - Dark Kings 12
The Golden Fleece Robert Graves FairyT/FolkT/LM/
Elven Winter Bernhard Hennen
Edwin Miles (Tr)
F - The Saga of the Elven 2
Howl for It Shelly Laurenston
Cynthia Eden
PNR - Short Stories
The Midnight Front David Mack HistF - Dark Arts 1
Earth Logic (ri) Laurie J. Marks F - Elemental Logic 2
Humans, Bow Down James Patterson
Emily Raymond
The Himalayan Codex (h2mm) Bill Schutt J. Finch Th - R. J. MacCready 2
Project Elfhome (h2mm) Wen Spencer SF - Elfhome Collection
Age of Swords (h2tp) Michael J. Sullivan F - Legends of the First Empire 2
Star Wars Insider: Icons Of The Galaxy Titan Film/Ref
Lord of California (D) Andrew Valencia AH
Baby, I'm Howling For You Christine Warren PNR - Alphaville 1
The Day After Oblivion Tim Washburn Th
Thrawn (h2tp) Timothy Zahn SF/SO - Star Wars

January 31, 2018
Different Boats (e) Matthew Cody SFTh - ReMade Season 2 #11
The Halloween Children Brian James Freeman Norman Prentiss H
Shining in the Dark: Celebrating Twenty Years of Lilja's Library! Hans-Åke Lilja (Ed) H - Anthology
Tales from Greystone Bay Robert McCammon H - Collection
He'll Come Knocking At Your Door Robert McCammon H
The Father of Lies K. J. Parker F - Collection
Cries from the Static Darren Speegle Sup - Collection
Imagining the Future of Climate Change: World-Making through Science Fiction and Activism Shelley Streeby HC/SpecFic - American Studies Now: Critical Histories of the Present 5

D - Debut
e - eBook
Ed - Editor
h2mm - Hardcover to Mass Market Paperback
h2tp - Hardcover to Trade Paperback
ri - reissue or reprint
Tr - Translator

AC - Alien Contact
AH - Alternate History
AP - Apocalyptic
CF - Contemporary Fantasy
CW - Contemporary Women
CyP - CyberPunk
DF - Dark Fantasy
Dys - Dystopian
F - Fantasy
FiaryT - Fairy Tales
Fict - Fiction
FL - Family Life
FolkT - Folk Tales
GB - Genre Bender
GenEng - Genetic Engineering
GH - Ghost(s)
Gothic - Gothic
GothicR - Gothic Romance
H - Horror
HC - History and Criticism
Hist - Historical
HistF - Historical Fantasy
HistM - Historical Mystery
HU - Humor
LF - Literary Fiction
LM -  Legend and Mythology
M - Mystery
Meta - Metaphysical
MR - Magical Realism
MTI - Media Tie-In
Myth - Mythology
Occ - Occult
P - Paranormal
PA - Post Apocalyptic
PCM - Paranormal Cozy Mystery
PNR - Paranormal Romance
PopCul - Popular Culture
Psy - Psychological
PsyTh - Psychological Thriller
Ref - Reference
SH -Superheroes
SF - Science Fiction
SFTh - Science Fiction Thriller
SFR - Science Fiction Romance
SO - Space Opera
SocSci - Social Science
SP - SteamPunk
SpecFic - Speculative Fiction
Sup - Supernatural
SupTh - Supernatural Thriller
Th - Thriller
TT - Time Travel
UF - Urban Fantasy
UFR - Urban Fantasy Romance


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