Thursday, January 25, 2018

2017 Debut Author Challenge - COVER OF THE YEAR!

The Qwillery is thrilled to announce the 2017 Debut Author Challenge Cover of the Year - The Caledonian Gambit by Dan Moren with 38% of the votes.

The cover art is by Sebastien Hue.

For more about the cover for The Caledonian Gambit:

The Caledonian Gambit edged out Muddy Waters (Otherwhere 1) by Sara O. Thompson with cover art by Eugene Teplitsky by 31 votes!

The Caledonian Gambit
Talos, May 23, 2017
Trade Paperback and eBook, 312 pages

The galaxy is mired in a cold war between two superpowers, the Illyrican Empire and the Commonwealth. Thrust between this struggle are Simon Kovalic, the Commonwealth’s preeminent spy, and Kyle Rankin, a lowly soldier happily scrubbing toilets on Sabea, a remote and isolated planet. However, nothing is as it seems.

Kyle Rankin is a lie. His real name is Eli Brody, and he fled his home world of Caledonia years ago. Simon Kovalic knows Caledonia is a lit fuse hurtling towards detonation. The past Brody so desperately tried to abandon can grant him access to people and places that are off limits even to a professional spy like Kovalic.

Kovalic needs Eli Brody to come home and face his past. With Brody suddenly cast in a play he never auditioned for, he and Kovalic will quickly realize it’s everything they don’t know that will tip the scales of galactic peace. Sounds like a desperate plan, sure, but what gambit isn’t?

The Caledonian Gambit is a throwback to the classic sci-fi adventures of spies and off-world politics, but filled to the brim with modern sensibilities.

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