Friday, June 29, 2018

Infidel In Trade Paperback in September


PORTLAND, OR, 06/26/2018 — The complete series of the critically acclaimed, powerful new horror story INFIDEL—by bestselling writer and former Vertigo editor Pornsak Pichetshote and artist Aaron Campbell—will be collected into trade paperback and available this September.

This tautly woven series tackles controversial topics in race and racism and how it can affect people from different cultures and landed a movie deal after just two issues, with The Hollywood Reporter breaking the news that Michael Sugar (Academy Award-winning producer of Spotlight for Best Picture) and TriStar will adapt the series for the big screen.

Rife with political undertones, INFIDEL can best be described as Get Out meets Insidious and explores Islamophobia through a haunting and chilling story about one American Muslim woman and her multi-ethnic neighbors who move into a building haunted by creatures that feed on xenophobia.

INFIDEL trade paperback (ISBN: 978-1-5343-0836-7, Diamond Code JAN188523) will collect issues #1-5 and will hit stores on Wednesday, September 26th and bookstores on Tuesday, October 2nd. The final order cutoff for comics retailers is Monday, August 13th. It can be ordered on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, IndieBound, and Indigo

Select praise for INFIDEL: 

“Like nothing I’ve read before… Infidel is a creepy descent into the haunted human
mind. Highly recommended.” —Steve Niles, 30 Days of Night

Infidel expertly rides the line between reality and the unknown… I loved it. Believable
horror that’s as unsettling as it is beautiful to look at.” —Jock, WYTCHES, All-Star

“Brilliant horror with a terrifying contemporary resonance. This feels way, way too real.” —Mike Carey, The Girl with All the Gifts, Lucifer

“This is a perfectly structured comic script and a wonderful attempt at expansive genre.
Not just the horror book of the moment, to my mind Infidel will go down as a definitive
comic of 2018… Great stuff from a top tier team who understands how to manipulate
the reader through their medium completely.” —Joshua Dysart, Swamp Thing,

“A genuinely creepy and modern horror comic” —Cliff Chiang, PAPER GIRLS

“A classic horror story… used to superb effect, with a twist that makes it a bit more
than just another well-told tale.” —UpRoxx

“A book that will scare you—and make you think.” —The Oregonian

“A tense and gripping horror tale…Pornsak Pichetshote makes a brilliant writing debut
with this book… Highly recommended.” —Bleeding Cool

“Both as timely as it is genuinely freaky.” —Scream Magazine

“One of the best debuts in years. Haunting, beautiful, breaking the classic haunted
house mold while still honoring the tradition. MUST READ.” —Joshua Hale Fialkov,
Elk’s Run, I, Vampire

“Horror is so hard to do right in comics and this book nails it to the wall… Super strong
work all around.” —Sebastian Girner, SCALES & SCOUNDRELS

Infidel is a great comic filled with painfully real characters and the feeling that we are all
just moments away from living our own horror story.” —Peter Gross, Lucifer, The

“This is a strong debut from this creative team, and one that should not be ignored.” —Newsarama

“An exceptionally well-told horror story... a stand-out. It challenges expectations
by including the tensions between characters of different faiths, while not being explicitly about that difference.” —Comicosity

“Left me an emotional wreck… an uncompromising, powerful book that demands your
complete attention.” —Multiversity Comics

“This is a must for horror fans or those that like stories with some layers.” —Graphic

“A strong start…This is a book that will constantly keep you on your heels.”

“Fans of last year’s break-out hit Get Out will certainly enjoy this contemporary
exploration of the politics of relationships, gender, and religion, with a healthy dose of
nightmare material.” —The Horror News Network

“Pichetshote may be doing for comics what Jordan Peele has done for films… Aaron
Campbell and José Villarrubia may be one of the most dynamic duos in comics right
now… Infidel is… one of the most interesting horror comics, and just comics in
general, to premiere in a long time. This is an absolute must read.” —Ghastly

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