Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hob Released by Runic Games

Runic Games launched Hob on September 26, 2017, their third title after the Torchlight series.
Hob, a single-player action-adventure game set amidst the ruins of a missing civilization, released on the PC and PS4 for $19.99. Fans of the atmospheric music can purchase the original soundtrack by Matt Uelmen on Bandcamp or on Steam as DLC.

“We are thrilled to release Hob,” said Runic President Marsh Lefler. “It allows us to show our range as a studio, and bring something truly unique to the puzzle-platformer genre. Our entire team worked tirelessly on this game, especially over the last couple of months, and we are so incredibly excited to share Hob with all our fans. We love you guys, and cannot wait to hear how you’re enjoying the game!”

Over the past four days, Runic Games also released Hob: Prelude, a webcomic that serves as a prologue to the game. Fans can read and download the complete story at the official site.

Game Informer calls Hob, “…a believable, breathing place of mystery,” and PC Gamer wrote, “Hob proves Runic can do puzzles and atmosphere just as well as dungeon crawling.”

Hob is a transformative adventure waiting to be uncovered,” said COO Allen Fong. “We are so proud of everything we were able to accomplish with this game.”

Get Hob on PS4, Gog, and Steam.

About Runic Games, Inc.

Runic Games is a developer of PC and console entertainment software, designing games that focus on quality, approachability, and fun. Torchlight won the GDC Award for Best Debut in 2009, and Torchlight II was a finalist for DICE Award’s Role Playing Best Game of the Year, 2013. Runic Games, a subsidiary of Perfect World Entertainment, Inc., is located in Seattle, Washington, United States.

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