Monday, September 11, 2017

The View From Monday - September 11, 2017

It's Monday... again. Not the best Monday for many, many people. If you are inclined to help those affected by Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean, please check out the list compiled by author Tobias Buckell here. To help in the United States if you'd like, please check out Charity Navigator for Hurricane Irma here and Hurricane Harvey here.

The Texas Library Association has set up a Disaster Relief Fund to help Texas libraries affected by Harvey. Read more about that here.

This week there are 2 debuts:

Magicians Impossible by Brad Abraham;


An Excess Male by Maggie Shen King.

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From formerly featured DAC Authors:

My House Gather Desires by Adam McOmber is out in print;


Split Feather (Daughter of the Midnight Sun 1) by Deborah A. Wolf.

Clicking on a novel's cover will take you to its Amazon page.

Debut novels are highlighted in blue. Novels, etc. by formerly featured DAC Authors are highlighted in green.

September 11, 2017
Tricks of the Trade (e)(ri) Laura Anne Gilman UF - Paranormal Scene Investigations 3
A Tangled Web: A Fantasy Retelling of a Greek Mythology Romance (e) Mercedes Lackey FR - A Tale of the Five Hundred Kingdoms

September 12, 2017
Magicians Impossible (D) Brad Abraham CF/P
A Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek: The Next Generation Zachary Auburn SF/AC/HU
The War Dogs Trilogy Greg Bear SF/SO - War Dogs
The Abandoned Heart (h2tp) Laura Benedict Gothic - Bliss House 3
Iraq + 100: The First Anthology of Science Fiction to have Emerged from Iraq Hassan Blasim (Ed) SF/AH/CulH - Anthology
Havergey John Burnside SF/AP/PA
Retrograde Peter Cawdron SF
Sirius: A Novel About the Little Dog Who Almost Changed History (h2tp) Jonathan Crown LF
Werebiker (e) Paige Cuccaro PNR
All the Light There Is Anise Eden PRS -  Healing Edge 3
Blood Guard (e) Megan Erickson PNR - Mission 1
The Twilight Pariah Jeffrey Ford DF/H
Taste of Marrow Sarah Gailey HistF/AH - River of Teeth 2
Blood Vengeance (e) Yasmine Galenorn PNR - Bewitching Bedlam Novellete
Constantine: A History (e) Donna Grant PNR - Dark Kings
Hunter's Season (e) Thea Harrison PNR - Elder Races Novella 4.7
The River Bank: A sequel to Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows Kij Johnson LF/Hist/FairyT/FolkT/LM
Butcher Bird: A Novel of the Dominion (ri) Richard Kadrey UF/P/DF
An Excess Male (D) Maggie Shen King SF
Doom with a View Kate Kingsbury PM - Merry Ghost Inn Mystery 2
Intimations: Stories (h2tp) Alexandra Kleeman LF
The Horned Blade Richard A. Knaak F - Legends of the Dragonrealm: Turning War 3
Deadland: Valkyrie Rising Paul Mannering SF/AP/PA
Rising Darkness Shannon Mayer UF/FR/P - Rylee Adamson 9
My House Gathers Desires Adam McOmber F/HistF.LF - American Readers Series
Hath No Fury Melanie R. Meadors (Ed)
J.M. Martin (Ed)
F - Anthology
After the Flare Deji Bryce Olukotun Dys/SF/CyP/AP/PA - Nigerians in Space 2
The Two of Swords: Part Seventeen (e) K. J. Parker F - Two of Swords
Infinity Wars Jonathan Strahan (Ed) SF - Anthology
Darkness Visible: Inside the World of Philip Pullman and His Dark Materials Nicholas Tucker LC/SF/F
Supernatural: The Men of Letters Bestiary: Winchester Family Edition Tim Waggoner Occ/Sup
The Man in the Tree Sage Walker SF
Worlds From the Word’s End Joanna Walsh LF/Absurdist/HU/SS
Thessaly: The Just City, The Philosopher Kings, Necessity Jo Walton F/SF/TT/FairyT/FolkT/LM - Thessaly Omnibus
Split Feather Deborah A. Wolf UF/DF - Daughter of the Midnight Sun 1

September 13, 2017
Homecoming (e) Brian Francis Slattery UF/M - Bookburners Season 3 #9

September 15, 2017
The Geeky Chef Strikes Back! Cassandra Reeder Cooking - Geeky Chef 2

D - Debut
e - eBook
Ed - Editor
h2mm - Hardcover to Mass Market Paperback
h2tp - Hardcover to Trade Paperback
Illus - Illustrator
ri - reissue or reprint
tp2mm - Trade to Mass Market Paperback
Tr - Translator

Absurdist - Absurdist
AC - Alien Contact
AH - Alternate History
AP - Apocalyptic
CB - Coloring Book
CF - Contemporary Fantasy
CoA - Coming of Age
CW - Contemporary Women
CulH - Cultural Heritage
CyP - CyberPunk
DF - Dark Fantasy
Dys - Dystopian
F - Fantasy
FairyT - Fairy Tales
FolkT - Folk Tales
FR - Fantasy Romance
GenEng - Genetic Engineering
GH - Ghost(s)
Gothic - Gothic
H - Horror
Hist - Historical
HistF - Historical Fantasy
HU - Humor
LC - Literary Criticism
LF - Literary Fiction
LM - Legends and Mythology
M - Mystery
MR - Magical Realism
MTI - Media Tie-In
Occ - Occult
P - Paranormal
PA - Post Apocalyptic
PI - Private Investigator
PM - Paranormal Mystery
PNR - Paranormal Romance
Pol - Political
PopCul - Popular Culture
PRS - Paranormal Romantic Suspense
PsyTh - Psychological Thriller
R - Romance
RSus - Romantic Suspense
Satire - Satire
Sc - Science
SH -Superheroes
SF - Science Fiction
SO - Space Opera
SP - Steampunk
SpecFic - Speculative Fiction
SS - Short Stories
Sup - Supernatural
SupM - Supernatural Mystery
SupTh - Supernatural Thriller
Sus - Suspense
TechTh - Technological Thriller
Th - Thriller
TT - Time Travel
UF - Urban Fantasy
UFR - Urban Fantasy Romance
VM - Visionary and Metaphysical

Note: Not all genres and formats are found in the books, etc. listed above.


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