Monday, April 30, 2018

The View From Monday - April 30, 2018

Happy Monday!

There are 4 debuts this week:

The Pisces by Melissa Broder;

The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang;

The Dead House by Billy O'Callaghan;


Exit Strategy by Charlton Pettus.

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From formerly featured DAC Authors:

A Baby's Bones by Rebecca Alexander;

Talon of Scorpio (Shadowstorm 3) by G.T. Almasi;

Every Single Secret by Emily Carpenter;

Tyrant's Throne (The Greatcoats 4) by Sebastien de Castell is out in Trade Paperback;

The Amiestrin Gambit (King's Daughter 1) by J. Kathleen Cheney;

The Glory of the Empress (Admiral 3) by Sean Danker;

The Summer Dragon (Evertide 1) by Todd Lockwood is out in Mass Market Paperback;

Only Human (The Themis Files 3) by Sylvain Neuvel;


D'Arc (War with No Name 2) by Robert Repino is out in Trade Paperback.

Clicking on a novel's cover will take you to its Amazon page.

Debut novels are highlighted in blue. Novels, etc. by formerly featured DAC Authors are highlighted in green.

April 30, 2018
At Blade's Edge (e)(ri) Lauren Dane PNR - Goddess with a Blade 4
Goddess with a Blade Collection Volume 1: Goddess with a Blade\Blade to the Keep\Blade on the Hunt\At Blade's Edge (e) Lauren Dane PNR - Goddess with a Blade
April in Atlantis (e) Alyssa Day PNR
Phoresis Greg Egan HSF
The Halloween Children Brian James Freeman
Norman Prentiss
Ghost Night (e)(ri) Heather Graham Th/GH - Bone Island Trilogy 3
Shining in the Dark: Celebrating Twenty Years of Lilja's Library! Hans-Åke Lilja (Ed) H - Anthology
I Met a Traveller in an Antique Land Connie Willis VisM/SF

May 1, 2018
S.T.A.R. Labs: Cisco Ramon's Journal Nick Aires MTI/CF
A Baby's Bones Rebecca Alexander Cr - Sage Westfield 1
Talon of Scorpio (e) G. T. Almasi SF/GenEng/Th - Shadowstorm 3
Uncharted Kevin J. Anderson
Sarah A. Hoyt
AH/HistF - Arcane America 1
The Military Science of Star Wars George Beahm SF/Performing Arts
Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury SF/Dys
Dragon Road Joseph Brassey SciFan/SO - Drifting Lands
The Pisces (D) Melissa Broder LF/Psy/HU
Tiassa Steven Brust F - Vlad 13
Future Fiction: New Dimensions in International Science Fiction Bill Campbell (Ed)
Francesco Verso (Ed)
SF - Anthology
Every Single Secret Emily Carpenter Th/Sus
Tyrant's Throne (h2tp) Sebastien de Castell HistF - The Greatcoats 4
The Amiestrin Gambit (e) J. Kathleen Cheney F - King's Daughter 1
Diary of a Drug Fiend and Other Works by Aleister Crowley Aleister Crowley Occ/Sup
Wolf Undaunted (e) Shannon Curtis PNR
Harlequin Nocturne May 2018 Box Set: Wolf Undaunted\Witch's Fury (e) Shannon Curtis
Deborah LeBlanc
The Glory of the Empress (e) Sean Danker SF/SO - Admiral 3
Medusa Uploaded Emily Devenport SF/GenEng/Th - The Medusa Cycle 1
Miss Subways David Duchovny LF/UF/FairyT/FolkT/LM
Reborn Lance Erlick SF - Android Chronicles 1
Shotguns & Sorcery Omnibus Matt Forbeck F
The Story Peddler Lindsay A. Franklin F - The Weaver Trilogy 1
Dead But Once Auston Habershaw DF - Saga of the Redeemed 3
Pale Guardian: A Vampire Mystery (h2tp) Barbara Hambly H/M - A James Asher Vampire Novel 7
Dark Queen Faith Hunter UF - Jane Yellowrock 12
Worlds Apart (e) Tracy St. John SF - Warriors of Risnar 2
Black Helicopters Caitlin R. Kiernan DF
The Poppy War (D) R. F Kuang HistF
Witch's Fury (e) Deborah LeBlanc PNR
The Summer Dragon (tp2mm) Todd Lockwood F - Evertide 1
The Classic Horror Collection H.P. Lovecraft H
Science Fiction: A Literary History Roger Luckhurst (Ed) LC/SF/F
King Rat (ri) China Mieville UF/H
Civil War (ri) Stuart Moore MTI/SH - Marvel Universe 2
A Secret History of Witches (h2tp) Louisa Morgan MR
Men Without Women: Stories (h2tp) Haruki Murakami
Ted Goossen (Tr)
MR/LF - Collections
Only Human Sylvain Neuvel SF/TechTh - The Themis Files 3
Kim Newman's Video Dungeon (e) Kim Newman Performing Arts
The Dead House (D) Billy O'Callaghan SupTh
Reaping the Aurora (h2mm) Joshua Palmatier F - Ley 3
Song of Blood & Stone L. Penelope HistF/FR - Earthsinger 1
Bandwidth Eliot Peper TechTh - An Analog Novel 1
Exit Strategy (D) Charlton Pettus TechTh/Cr/LF
D'Arc (h2tp) Robert Repino F/SF/AP/PA - War with No Name 2
Wired Douglas E. Richards SFTh/NF - Wired 1
A Hymn Before Battle (mm2tp) John Ringo SF - Legacy of Aldenata 1
Moontide and Magic Rise Sean Russell F/DF - Moontide and Magic Rise Omnibus
Infinite Stars (h2tp) Bryan Thomas Schmidt (Ed) SF/SO - Anthology
All the Fabulous Beasts Priya Sharma Gothic - Collection
Kris Longknife: Commanding (e) Mike Shepherd SF - Kris Longknife
Fury From the Tomb SA Sidor F/Occ/Sup/HistF - Institute for Singular Antiquities 1
All's Fair in Love and Wolf Terry Spear PNR - Silver Town Wolf 8
Avengers of the Moon (h2tp) Allen Steele SF/SO - Captain Future
A.L.F.A. Instincts Milly Taiden PNR - An A.L.F.A. Novel
An Argumentation of Historians Jodi Taylor SF/TT/HistF - The Chronicles of St. Mary's 9
Echoes of Honor Limited Leatherbound Edition David Weber SF - Honor Harrington 8
Oblivion Steve White
Charles E. Gannon
SF - Starfire 8
The Witchwood Crown (h2tp) Tad Williams F/DF - Last King of Osten Ard 1
Pawn (h2mm) Timothy Zahn SF/AC - A Chronicle of  the Sibyl's War 1

May 2, 2018
Baby Shower (e) Cassandra Khaw F - Born to the Blade Season 1, Episode 3
Crossroads of Darkover (e) Deborah J. Ross (Ed) F - Darkover Anthology 18
The Flight of Morpho Girl: A Original (e) Caroline Spector
Bradley Denton
SF/SH - Wild Cards

May 4, 2018
Midnight Gods Greg F. Gifune H

D - Debut
e - eBook
Ed - Editor
h2mm - Hardcover to Mass Market Paperback
h2tp - Hardcover to Trade Paperback
ri - reissue or reprint
tp2mm - Trade Paperback to Mass Market Paperback
Tr - Translator

AC - Alien Contact
AH - Alternate History
AP - Apocalyptic
CF - Contemporary Fantasy
CoA - Coming of Age
Cr - Crime
CulH - Cultural Heritage
CW - Contemporary Woman
CyP - Cyberpunk
DF - Dark Fantasy
Dys - Dystopian
F - Fantasy
FairyT - Fairy Tales
Fict - Fiction
FL - Family Life
FolkT - Folk Tales
FR - Fantasy Romance
GenEng - Genetic Engineering
GH - Ghost(s)
GN - Graphic Novel
Gothic - Gothic
H - Horror
HC - History and Criticism
Hist - Historical
HistF - Historical Fantasy
HU - Humor
LC - Literary Criticism
LF - Literary Fiction
LM - Legend and Mythology
M - Mystery
MR - Magical Realism
MTI - Media Tie-In
Occ - Occult
P - Paranormal
PA - Post Apocalyptic
PCM - Paranormal Cozy Mystery
PNR - Paranormal Romance
PopCul - Popular Culture
Psy - Psychological
Psy Th - Psychological Thriller
SF - Science Fiction
SciFan - Science Fantasy
SH - Superheroes
SO - Space Opera
SP - Steampunk
Sup - Supernatural
SupTh - Supernatural Thriller
Sus - Suspense
TechTh - Technological Thriller
Th - Thriller
TT - Time Travel
UF - Urban Fantasy
VisM - Visionary and Metaphysical


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