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What's Up for the Debut Author Challenge Authors, Part 39

This is the thirty-ninth in this new series of updates about formerly featured Debut Author Challenge authors and their works published since their last update. The year in parentheses after the author's name is the year that author was featured in the Debut Author Challenge.

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James Bennett (2016)

Raising Fire
A Ben Garston Novel 2
Orbit, August 22, 2017
Trade Paperback and eBook, 400 pages

Ben Garston is back . . . and feeling less than fantastic.

To be fair, life isn't exactly treating him all that well. He's lost everything he once held dear, including the love of his life. Still, he did at least escape being dragged into hell by a malevolent spirit bent on total destruction. So there is that.

Now Ben just wants to drink, and forget, and drink some more. But he can't. Not yet.

Because someone is stirring up trouble. Someone who wants to wake the sleepers, and watch the realm of mythology come crashing into the modern day.

Only Ben can stop them. The world will burn if he fails - and that's the last thing he needs on his conscience.

"A thrilling fusion of myth and modernity, Chasing Embers will have you rooting for dragons over humans and loving every minute of it." -- Kevin Hearne, New York Times bestselling author of Hounded

Amanda Carlson (2012)

Blue Blooded
Jessica McClain Book 6
December 14, 2016
eBook, 306 pages

Fight to win.

Jessica McClain is on the hunt for her destiny. She arrives in Baltimore to find that her quest has reached a dead end and only a note remains. Forced to do as it says, or die, Jessica and her crew must head overseas.

They arrive to discover Julian de Rossi, the Mediterranean Pack Alpha, is double dealing with a powerful goddess and Tally is still missing. With help from a divine source, they engage in an all out war—one that must end in a sacrifice. But is Jessica ready to pay the ultimate price?

Emily B. Martin (2016)

Ashes to Fire
Woodwalker 2
Harper Voyager Impulse, January 31, 2017
eBook, 336 pages

“You are a country.”

Those words have been the guiding force behind Queen Mona’s every move since she was a little girl—the idea that all her actions and desires were, first and foremost, decided based on what was best for Lumen Lake. It had kept her alive after the Alcoran invasion, it had driven her to retake her country, and now it is the steely resolve she needs to finally confront the despotic Seventh King, Celeno.

But when her diplomatic mission finds herself on the run through the swamps of Cyprien—accompanied by the unlikeliest group of companions—Mona discovers that while she is her country, she is also someone who has been sheltered by principles and bound by past mistakes. Now she must struggle to reshape her view of the world and face intimate new truths—not only for the good of her country, but for herself, as well.

A desperate journey to secure peace, and an even greater journey to discover herself, Ashes to Fire is the captivating and adventurous follow-up to Emily B. Martin’s Woodwalker—once more with cover art by the author herself!

David Tallerman (2012)

The Sign in the Moonlight: And Other Stories
Digital Horror Fiction Author Collection
Digital Horror Fiction, January 22, 2016 (print) February 4, 2016 (eBook)
Trade Paperback and eBook, 234 pages

Written by David Tallerman and Illustrated by Duncan Kay, The Sign in the Moonlight Includes the original novelette, The War of the Rats, and 13 other haunting tales.

A doomed mountaineering expedition attempts the slopes of Kanchenjunga, following in the footsteps of notorious occultist Aleister Crowley. A young soldier witnesses omens of another, vaster conflict in the ravaged trenches of the Somme. Two children find their innocence tested and their friendship contorted by the ancient barrow upon the hill. A ghost who can't remember ekes out an interminable existence amidst the ashes of events that can never be forgotten.

Contained within these pages are weird tales in the spirit of Lovecraft, Machen, Doyle and Wells, but shot through with a modern sensibility and a questioning of the old values. Here dwell ghosts and monsters, madmen and contortionists, lost souls and misunderstood geniuses. Collected for the first time are stories diverse and strange, spanning nearly a decade in the career of author David Tallerman (Giant Thief, Patchwerk) and including the never before seen novelette The War of the Rats.

"There are stories here that could come straight out of the pulp journals of the 30s, others that have the mannered feel of Victoriana ... but all are presented with the intensity and focus that characterises David’s short fiction."  -- Adrian Tchaikovsky

Black Horticulture
Digital Fantasy Fiction Short Story
Digital Fantasy Fiction, June 10, 2016
eBook, 19 pages

Black Horticulture
by David Tallerman
Presented by

Passive Resistance
Digital Science Fiction Short Story
Digital Science Fiction, August 26, 2016
eBook, 17 pages

Passive Resistance
David Tallerman
Digital Science Fiction Short Story
Presented by

The Black River Chronicles
     by David Tallerman and Michael Wills
Black River Academy 1
Digital Fantasy Fiction, September 28, 2016 (eBook); October 1, 2016 (print)
Trade Paperback and eBook, 294 pages

You know these characters: The ranger, the fighter, the wizard, the rogue.

But haven’t you ever wondered how they learned to be those things?

Three months into his studies at the Black River Academy of Swordcraft and Spellcraft, Durren Flintrand is shocked by the news that from now on he’ll be assigned to a party, and that his only hope of progressing beyond the lowly rank of level one is to succeed with his new companions. However, Durren has a secret that may make that impossible, and his three partners have problems of their own. Wizard Areinelimus is terrified of her own magic. Rogue Tia has no patience at all with others. And warrior Hule is just an idiot. In fact, when a disembodied, floating eyeball is your most competent party member, you know you have serious problems.

To stand a chance of succeeding, they need to work together, and that means learning to tolerate each other, while surviving a world of angry rat people, murderous sorcerers and homicidal unicorns. But even if they can somehow find a way to get along, dark and ancient forces are stirring, ones no level one students should ever have to confront…

The Black River Chronicles is a new fantasy series from David Tallerman and Michael Wills. Set in an academy for young adventurers in training, the Black River Academy, our new dungeon crawlers set out to learn the ropes. Follow them in their adventures and misadventures and see if they save the day, or flunk out of school before earning their next level.

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