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Review: Covenant's End by Ari Marmell

Covenant's End
Author:  Ari Marmell
Series:  Widdershins Adventures 4
Publisher:  Pyr, February 3, 2015
Format:  Hardcover and eBook, 250 pages
List Price:  $17.99 (print)
ISBN:  978-1-61614-986-4 (print)
Review Copy:  Provided by the Publisher

The thief Widdershins and her own “personal god,” Olgun, return to their home city of Davillon after almost a year away. While Shins expects only to face the difficulty of making up with her friends, what she actually finds is far, far worse. Her nemesis, Lisette, has returned, and she is not alone. Lisette has made a dark pact with supernatural powers that have granted her abilities far greater than anything Widdershins and Olgun can match.

Together, Widdershins and Olgun will face enemies on both sides of the law, for Lisette’s schemes have given her power in both Davillon’s government and its underworld. For even a slim chance, Shins must call on both old friends—some of whom haven’t yet forgiven her—and new allies.

Even with their help, Widdershins may be required to make the hardest sacrifice of her life, if she is to rid Davillon—and herself—of Lisette once and for all.

Brannigan's Review

Covenant’s End is the last book in the Widdershins Adventures. The last book is the most important book of any series, it determines how I feel about the entire series as a whole. If it's bad, it can frustrate me to the point where I will never read any of the books ever again. But if it's good, it can save a series that has gone on too long. It can actually raise my appreciation for weaker books in a series if the last book ends on the right note. I say all of this to give weight to my next sentence. Covenant's End is a fantastic end to an amazing series. Ari Marmell didn't hold back and showed his strength to write a story he himself was emotionally unsure of, but knew need to be written.

I've loved this series from the beginning and with each new book truly enjoyed myself. Widdershins as a character and protagonist is outstanding. Over the course of the series, I've seen her mature. She's made mistakes and loved and lost. She been beaten and yet stood back up and fought the good fight, and in the end got the ending she deserved.

As the last book in the series, Marmell didn't hold anything back. The threat and challenges were huge, but in a good way. It could have easily gotten blown out of proportion like Spider-Man 3 did, but we see Marmell increase the tension without resorting to gimmicks. The entire city of Davillon is under attack from several different fronts. Both villains and heroes from past books make appearances or are at least mentioned in a significant way, which I enjoyed as it tied up loose ends or at least acknowledged past events.

Like the previous book in the series, we see a deeper emotional story take place in Covenant's End as Widdershins has to deal with loss and guilt from past mistakes. We also see her truly outmatched for the first time in the series and how she struggles to find a way to win. We also learn more about her relationship with Olgun; questions that I had since the first book are answered. Marmell has done a superb job threading this series together.

There is nothing I would change in this last book. I hope to see Widdershins return in some shape or form in another series, even if she isn't the main character. She was a truly enjoyable character to spend time and connect with. I would not recommend anyone read this book first. Please, for your own reward, start with book one. There is a lot of violence and use of strong language, so I would recommend it to older teens and adults. It's a book and series that has something for everyone—humor, action, adventure, romance, character growth, and amazing villains.

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