Sunday, February 08, 2015

Melanie's Week in Review - February 8, 2015

Sorry folks, my book reading this week was a bit poor as I have had the WORST cold and even off work for a day. So now that I have your sympathy you might notice I only read 2 books (is it working?). So what did I read?

You might remember last week that I had a little trip down memory lane by re-reading the short story Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs. I decided to continue that trip by re-reading book 1 in the series Cry Wolf which is based in the world of Mercy Thompson. The story starts immediately after the events of the short story with Anna joining Charles in the Marrock's pack based in rural Montana. While in the very early stages of their mating and their romance Charles is sent to the wilds to track down a rogue wolf. Little does he know that its not just any rogue but a witch that could harm more than a few lost hikers. Charles is one of my favourite characters from the Mercy Thompson's world and I always enjoy reading what him and Anna are up to and I am looking forward to Dead Heat  which will be released in March.

Next on my reading list was Bound by Flames by Jeaniene Frost. This is the third book in the Night Prince series. Vlad and his vampire bride Leila are searching for Vlad's arch enemy Szilagyi to exact revenge. Unfortunately, Leila falls into the enemy's hands and Vlad is determined to get her back. Their love is red hot and anyone and everyone is going to burn if they try to keep them apart.

I can't say that I really liked this book and thought it was weakest of the series. The torture scenes were incredibly brutal and rather unnecessary. I even felt a bit sick at one point but then a chapter or two later the torture was almost all forgotten and chapters of hot and steamy between Leila and Vlad ensued. I think if I had been brutalised and almost raped I wouldn't be jumping into my marital bed that quickly no matter how much I loved my vampire husband. I think what got me reading this series was the cover (the model, of course). The final book in the series will be out in 2016.

That's it for me for this week. Fingers crossed I read more and blow my nose less. Until next week. Happy Reading.


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