Monday, May 19, 2014

The View From Monday - May 19, 2014

Happy Monday. I managed to get some reading in this weekend in between trying to clean up some messy gardens. I was partially successful.  I also took time to see Godzilla. I'm a huge Kaiju Eiga fan and Godzilla is my favorite Kaiju of all (though I do have a fondness for Gamera too). Actually I like all the Kaiju, but Godzilla is my absolute favorite. So what did I think? I thought the Kaiju were great. The battles were terrific. And Godzilla was smart in this movie. I also have some observations about Muto, but don't want to spoil the movie so won't say more. I believe that even non-Godzilla fans well enjoy this movie. Do I remember the actual characters? Sure. I can tell you the story from beginning to end probably without missing much. However, I didn't really go to see the humans. In a movie like this there is no time to set up huge and meaningful character arcs and that doesn't bother me at all.  Yes, there were some emotional moments but honestly I was most concerned about the big lizard. I've watched every Godzilla movie available more than once. I knew what I was expecting. Godzilla (2014) delivered.

And now on to the books out this week!

There are two debuts out this week:

The Girl in the Road by Monica Byrne;


The Man with the Compound Eyes by Wu Ming-Yi. This is his first book translated into English and first release in the US.

From formerly featured Debut Author Challenge Authors:

The Pillars of Sand (Echoes of Empire 3) by Mark T. Barnes. This is the final book in this trilogy. I really really liked the first novel, The Garden of Stones, and you can see my full thoughts on this novel later this week;

Sixth Grave on the Edge (Charley Davidson 6) by Darynda Jones;

Delia's Shadow by Jamie Lee Moyer goes from Hardcover to Trade Paperback.

May 19, 2014
Goddess Born (e) Kari Edgren PNR
Dragons & Dirigibles (e) Cindy Spencer Pape SPR - Gaslight Chronicles 7

May 20, 2014
Island in a Sea of Stars: A Tor.Com Original Kevin J. Anderson SF - Saga of Shadow
Possessed by a Warrior and Possessed by an Immortal Sharon Ashwood PNR
The Boost Stephen Baker Th/Techno
The Pillars of Sand Mark T. Barnes F - Echoes of Empire 3
The Kraken King Part VI: The Kraken King and the Crumbling Walls (e) Meljean Brook SPR - Iron Seas
The Girl in the Road (D) Monica Byrne SF
Thief's Magic Trudi Canavan F - Millennium’s Rule 1
The Severed Streets Paul Cornell UF - London Falling 2
Godzilla - The Official Movie Novelization Greg Cox SF - Godzilla
A Dance of Shadows David Dalglish F - Shadowdance 4
Suffer the Children Craig DiLouie H
The Chronicle of Secret Riven Ronlyn Domingue F - Keeper of Tales Trilogy 2
Temporary Hauntings (e) Craig Shaw Gardner UF - Temporary Magic 2
Fire Rising: Part 2 Donna Grant PNR - Dark Kings
Commissar Andy Hoare F - Warhammer 40,000
Highfell Grimoires Langley Hyde SP/Th
Double Hexed (e) Allyson James
(Jennifer Ashley)
PNR - Stormwalker Novella
Nebula Awards Showcase 2014 Kij Johnson (ed) SF/F - Anthology
Untamed Wolf and Immortal Cowboy Linda O. Johnston
Alexis Morgan
Sixth Grave on the Edge Darynda Jones UF - Charley Davidson 6
The Three Sarah Lotz Su/Th
Ghouls Rush In H.P. Mallory PNR - Peyton Clark 1
Wizards: From Merlin to Faust David McIntee Myths and Legends
Among the Unseen Jodi McIsaac F - Thin Veil 3
Reaping the Dark (e) Gary McMahon H
The Man with the Compound Eyes (D - US) Wu Ming-Yi F
Cyador's Heirs L. E. Modesitt, Jr. F - Sage of Recluce 17
Delia's Shadow (h2tp) Jaime Lee Moyer F
Troll Mountain: Omnibus Edition (e) Matthew Reilly F/Sus/Su
The Wolf Siren and Demon Wolf Karen Whiddon
Bonnie Vanak
My Real Children Jo Walton SF

May 22, 2014
Scorched (e) Erica Hayes UF

D - Debut
e - eBook
ed - Editor
h2tp - Hardcover to Trade Paperback

F - Fantasy
H - Horror
PNR - Paranormal Romance
SF - Science Fiction
SP - Steampunk
SPR - Steampunk Romance
Su - Supernatural
Sus - Suspense
Th - Thriller
TT - Time Travel


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