Sunday, May 05, 2013

Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars - April 2013 Winner (Finally)

As you know, Blogger polls apparently do not work. They don't record all votes, they delete counted votes, etc. In an attempt to find find something more reliable, I turned to both a Rafflecopter poll and a poll I created using Google Drive.  I find both okay and both inadequate. Neither poll shows real time voting results. On top of that you have to log in to the Rafflecopter to vote.  As far as I know presently it is not possible for polls with Rafflecopter or Google Drive to show real time voting results. I have to explore Google Drive more and see if it's possible to include real time voting results. In the meantime I will continue to search for a better poll. I've considered PollDaddy but it only allows 200 votes per poll. These Debut Author Challenge Polls sometimes go well over that number. PollCode may be a good alternative.

Now to the winner of the Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars for April 2013:  The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu and cover art by Argh! Oxford.

The Results:

From the Rafflecopter Poll: 

The Lives of Tao                   11 votes
Promise of Blood                    3 votes
The Golem and the Jinni         1 vote
Assassin's Gambit                  1 vote

Google Drive Form results:
Bite Me, Your Grace
The Lives of Tao
Promise of Blood
Assassin's Gambit
The River of No Return
The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope
A Stranger in Olondria
The House at the End of Hope Street
The Golem and the Jinni

April 2013 Debut Covers

Thank you to everyone you voted and was so patient!


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