Monday, November 16, 2015

The View From Monday - November 16, 2015

Happy Monday! There are 2 debuts this week:

Bohemian Gospel by Dana Chamblee Carpenter is out in Hardcover after the eBook release on November 8th;


Grudging (Birth of Saints 1) by Michelle Hauck (Mass Market Paperback to be published on December 22nd).

From formerly featured Debut Author Challenge authors:

Veiled Magic by Deborah Blake;

Ice Moon (Moon 5) by Lisa Kessler;

The Exiled Earthborn (Earthborn Trilogy 2) by Paul Tassi;


The Shootout Solution (Genrenauts Episode 1) by Michael R. Underwood.

November 16, 2015
Bohemian Gospel (D)
(eBook - November 8th)
Dana Chamblee Carpenter HistF
Ice Moon (e) Lisa Kessler PNR - Moon 5
Sinful Magic (e)(ri) Jennifer Lyon PNR - Wing Slayer Hunter 4
The Queen's Flight (e) Jamie K. Schmidt PNR - Emerging Queens 1

November 17, 2015
Beatlebone Kevin Barry LF/Psy/AH
Doctor Who: Heart of Stone Trevor Baxendale SF - Doctor Who
Veiled Magic (e) Deborah Blake UF
Death Wave Ben Bova SF - Star Quest Trilogy 1
War of the Worlds: The Anglo-Martian War of 1895 Mike Brunton SF - Dark 4
Angel of Storms Trudi Canavan F - Millennium's Rule 2
Skyborn David Dalglish F - Seraphim 1
It Only Comes Out At Night and Other Stories Dennis Etchison H - Collection
Warheart Terry Goodkind F - Richard and Kahlan 4
Dark Alpha's Claim (e) Donna Grant PNR - Reaper 1
Grudging (D) (e)
(MMP - December 22nd)
Michelle Hauck HistF - Birth of Saints 1
Deathfire Nick Kyme SF - The Horus Heresy 32
Last Plane to Heaven: The Final Collection (h2tp) Jay Lake SF - Collection
Resist Tracey Martin SF - RedZone 2
Blood of the Lost Shannon Mayer UF - Rylee Adamson 10
Sword and Runestaff: The Sword of the Dawn and The Runestaff Michael Moorcock F - Hawkmoon
Doctor Who: Death Riders Justin Richards SF - Doctor Who
The Slow Regard of Silent Things (h2tp) Patrick Rothfuss F - Kingkiller Chronicles Novella
The Winter Laird Nancy Scanlon TTR - Mists of Fate 1
The Beast of Barcroft (e) Bill Schweigart H/UF
Doctor Who: System Wipe Oli Smith SF - Doctor Who
Towers Fall Karina Sumner-Smith F/P - Towers Trilogy 3
The Exiled Earthborn Paul Tassi SF/AC - Earthborn Trilogy 2
The Shootout Solution Michael R. Underwood SF/AA - Genrenauts Episode 1

November 19, 2015
The Girl on the Liar's Throne (e) Den Patrick F

D - Debut
e - eBook
h2tp - Hardcover to Trade Paperback
ri - reissue or reprint

AA - Action Adventure
AH - Alternate History
F - Fantasy
H - Horror
HistF - Historical Fantasy
LF - Literary Fiction
P - Paranormal
PNR - Paranormal Romance
Psy - Psychological
SF - Science Fiction
TTR - Time Travel Romance
UF - Urban Fantasy


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