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Spotlight - Asphodel: A Mythic Space Opera

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The Kickstarter For Asphodel, A Mythic Space Opera, Enters Its Final Days

August 6th, 2015—Galesburg, IL—Kickstarter campaigns can attract a lot of attention, and often it can be hard to tell which ones are truly something special. But when one is featured on the Onion’s AV Club, is publicly backed and tweeted about by Neil Gaiman, and becomes a Kickstarter staff pick, it becomes pretty clear that something spectacular is going on. Alex Kane’s new comic Asphodel, with artwork by Gale Galligan, is proving to be just that.

Asphodel is a mythical space opera comic that takes place in the year 4419. The artwork is hand-painted, and the story itself is full of adventure, emotion, and a pair of sympathetic main characters readers will be rooting for from the start. A myth about strength in its varied forms, and what happens to humanity when the specter of physical death is little else than a memory, Asphodel is a new kind of space opera for an age when our idea of the capital-f Future is not at all simple, much less guaranteed.

Because Asphodel is an independent comic, Kane has opted to crowd fund it via Kickstarter. This, he feels, gives it the best shot at reaching as many readers as possible. The first issue of Asphodel, “Newborn,” will be exclusive to the Kickstarter backers until 2016, when the comic will be for sale to the general public.

You can learn more about Asphodel on its Kickstarter page,

The Creators:

Alex Kane is the managing editor of The Critical Press, a publisher of books on film and culture, as well as an executive producer of the Star Wars documentary The Prequels Strike Back. He also serves as a first reader for Uncanny Magazine and works full-time as a freelance copyeditor. A graduate of the 2013 Clarion West Writers Workshop, his fiction has appeared in more than a dozen venues, including the Exigencies anthology from Curbside Splendor’s Dark House imprint, edited by Richard Thomas. His reviews and criticism have been published in Foundation, The New York Review of Science Fiction, SF Signal, and Omni, among other places. He lives in west-central Illinois. • Twitter: @alexjkane

Gale Galligan is a story artist–slash–cartoony person with a BFA in animation from NYU. Her comics have been published in the Game Boss and Transitions anthologies, and she is excited to be contributing to the forthcoming Horizon 2. Gale has also been credited as a production assistant for the excellent graphic novels Teen Boat!, Astronaut Academy: Re-Entry, and Drama. Gale is currently in the second year of her MFA in Sequential Art at the Savannah College of Art and Design; when she isn’t making comics (such as her mostly-autobiographical webcomic of nearly five years, Patbird & Galesaur), Gale enjoys knitting, reading, and spending time with her cuddly roomie, Garrus the hedgehog. • Twitter: @robochai


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