Sunday, August 30, 2015

Melanie's Week in Review - August 30, 2015

Happy Bank Holiday to any readers in the UK. I hope you are having a good one. I am trying to avoid getting too wet as, of course, it is raining. Apologies for not posting a WIR last week but I didn't even finish 1 book *gasp*. I was very lucky to be selected to beta read Michael Sullivan's newest book The Death of Dulgath which is finds us back again in Riyria in the company of two of my favourite heroes - Royce and Hadrian. Needless to say I can't tell you much about it other than its a great read. So what have I been able to read in the last two weeks?

I started the week with Crossed which is the third and final instalment of the Soul Eaters series by Eliza Crewe. The part demon part Beacon Meda Melange is back and fighting to save the world from certain annihilation from the demons. The Crusaders, who Meda has been living with, fighting for and being friends with are being wiped out as the war escalates. Meda doesn't know where to turn or what to do as friends become enemies and enemies become allies especially when Jo does the unthinkable. Everything looks like it is going to Hell when in fact that is exactly where Meda and her fiends end up. Can they escape, can they save humanity?

I have enjoyed this series especially the first instalment where Crewe uses one of my all time favourite words - hangry (when you are so hungry you are angry). Crewe really ramps up the body count as nearly everyone apart from a Meda and her closest friends die at the hands of the demons. This instalment starts out with some great scenes between Meda and Jo but this soon devolves into more stereotypical, teenage hysteria and melodrama. There few points in the later chapters that I was hoping that a demon would take out Jo just so I didn't have to read anymore of her childish rants. No such luck. I feel that Crewe ruined what could have been a great ending if it hadn't been for Jo. I was just a tad disappointed with the ending but do not regret reading the series.

Book 2 was Dannika Dark's Two Minutes which is the sixth book in the Seven series. The story is set about 10 years after the end of Three Hours. This time Dark tells the story of Maizy, the young human sister of Lexi and her childhood protector Denver. Maizy comes home after years in boarding school and living in England. She may have grown up but Denver is conflicted over the feelings he has for the beautiful young woman Maizy has become. Maizy still feels safe in the arms of her childhood protector but the more she is with him the more she comes to realise that he is much more than just her protector. Will true love prevail or will Maizy miss out on her fairy tale ending?

I have always found the Seven series nice easy reads that don't tax my brain too much and Two Minutes was no exception. In fact, this instalment was light on the plot as there was one too many coincidences for Maizy and Denver. A lot was made of Maizy being human and why she wasn't a suitable partner for a shifter so when it turns out that she isn't actually human and can turn into any type of shifter this seemed like a bit of a cop out. This really felt like the end of the series but apparently there is another book to go. I don't really know who is left to pair up so will be interested to find out how Dark decides to finish this series.

The final book I am going to tell you about is One Part Human by Viola Grace which is the first instalment of the Obscure Magic series. I came across it in my Amazon recommendations. Boy did Amazon get that one wrong. I got 60% of the way through and gave up on the story of Benny who is so magically special that she has stayed hidden for most of her life. She hides away as a food blogger until she is made to patrol with the Extranormal Investigation Agency. So despite trying to keep her powers hidden she makes a point of solving every case with her 'special skills' and ends up blabbing her hidden secret by the end of the fourth chapter. Not only was it dull it was also confusing but I was soo bored reading it that I couldn't be bothered trying to figure out what was going on with the lackluster plot.

That is it for me for this week. I wish I had some super great books to tell you about but it seems I have had a rather mediocre week in books. Wish me luck for next week. Until then Happy Reading.


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