Sunday, April 20, 2014

Melanie's Week Review - April 20, 2014

To those who celebrate Happy Easter and to those who don't Happy 20th April! I hope that whatever you are up to you have a good book to hand. I have been lucky to have read a couple of goodies this past week. So what have I read?

I started the week returning to a series I love - The Newsflesh trilogy by Mira Grant. I didn't re-read one of the books but found a novella from the series that I hadn't read - How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea. The novella features Mahir who appears in the series but not prominently until the final book in the series. This story takes place after the final book Blackout and with Mahir taking a trip to Australia to see the rabbit proof fence and the unique way that Australians have dealt with the zombie apocalypse. I love this series and it was one of the few where I liked the secondary characters as well as the main ones, including Mahir. I did think however, that once you finish a series it should stay that way.  I liked the story but the impact is gone as in my mind the series has finished. I think I will avoid reading the other two novellas I haven't read yet.

I then set my sights on reading a book I got from NetGalley  - Morningside Fall by Jay Posey. I read and reviewed book 1 of the series Three last summer which was Posey's debut novel. I thought Three was pretty good, especially as a debut but I didn't enjoy Morningside Fall. Posey made a risky decision to turn an 8 year old boy, Wren into the story's hero and main character and it was a risk that didn't pan out in my view. Wren fluctuated between clinging to his mother, as you would expect a child of that age to act like and talking/acting like a very articulate adult. I have yet to find an 8 year old that uses inner dialogue that they are 'appalled by their own weakness'. Young children don't think that way, act that way or speak that way. It really diminished the power of the story but having such a young character as the focal point and main protagonist. The story also dragged as it was almost all inner and verbal dialogue. There was a lot of action but it was almost all conveyed verbally rather than Posey describing events. This makes for a tedious read. Posey has a great post apocalyptic world and interesting characters in the Weir who sound part zombie/part robot but so many of the other characters are really one dimensional and stereotypical. I really struggled to finish this book and spent as much time looking at the fantastic front cover as I did wishing it would end already.

I rounded out the week reading an ARC I received from Qwill - Turning Tides by Mia Marshall. I read and reviewed the first two books of series last August Broken Elements and Shifting Elements and was super excited to have a crack at reading the next book. I will be writing a full review of this book so look out for this in May.

That is it for me for now as I am off to read something that isn't fantasy or science fiction! I am going to read my new recipe book - Leon which is actually the name of a coffee shop type bistro which does delicious food.  I am looking for something that will counter balance all the chocolate I plan on eating this weekend. If I don't slip into a sugar coma I will look forward to clearing off more books from my TBR. Until next week Happy Reading.


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