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Interview with Anita Clenney, author of the Relic Seekers and Connor Clan Novels - October 23, 2013

Please welcome Anita Clenney to The Qwillery. Anita is the author of the Relic Seeker and Connor Clan novels. Her most recent novel is Fountain of Secrets (Relic Seekers 2).

TQ:  Welcome back to The Qwillery! Please tell us something about your newest series, the Relic Seekers, that we won't find in the book descriptions.

Anita:  Hi! It’s great to be back. Hmmm, something you haven’t heard…There are lots of secrets yet to be uncovered in this series, but I think the readers know that. What they might not realize is how closely the past and the future are connected. It might even require some time travel to sort out!

TQ:  What sorts of research have you done for the Relics Seekers series and what is the oddest thing you've found so far?

Anita:  I did research on the relics, and for Fountain of Secrets, I researched King Arthur and the Fountain of Youth. This was the most fun I’ve ever had doing research. It would take an entire page to explain the way I stumbled onto the location for Fountain of Secrets. It was just remarkable. The oddest thing I found was that so many beliefs and myths are centered in this one place, Glastonbury, England. From Christ to King Arthur to fairies. It was just fascinating.

TQ:  Which character has surprised you the most?

Anita:  I think all three. There are so many layers to these characters. Kendall surprised me with her secret power where she can throw things around. Namely the Reaper. Nathan surprised me with his tattoo and his tougher side, and Jake surprised me with his depth for feeling. The next book will reveal some real humdingers in Jake’s past.

TQ:  What's next for the Relic Seekers series and any chance we'll be seeing any more from the Conner Clan?

Anita:  Next in the Relic Seekers is The Lost Chalice. Kendall, Nathan and Jake continue their quest for the four relics, and this search is for the Holy Grail. They must find it before the Reaper does. He needs it so he can drink from the Fountain of Youth, which will give him tremendous power. Their search will be hampered when the characters discover how intertwined their pasts are.

Yes, the Connor Clan is alive and well and still battling demons and vampires. Heart of the Highland Warrior is the next full length novel. (We changed the title from Unleash the Highland Warrior). All the warriors are up to their kilts in demons and then some. Lots of surprises, suspense, action and fun. The clan is going to be stunned when the hero makes his appearance, and the heroine has some surprises in store. Some of them quite ugly. I do love surprises if you haven’t noticed! It’ll be out this spring. I’ll release one or two novellas in the series later this year. Angus: A Highland Warrior Brief should be out in November or December. It will lead up to Heart of the Highland Warrior.

TQ:  Thank you for joining us at The Qwillery.

Relic Seekers

Fountain of Secrets
Relic Seekers 2
Montlake Romance, September 10, 2013
Trade Paperback and Kindle eBook, 339 pages

A relics expert with a nose for mystery is torn between her sexy billionaire boss and her hot bodyguard. Each would die to save her...and win her heart.

Kendall Morgan puts her sixth sense back to work in the second book of the Relic Seekers series, divining the history and location of ancient relics. Her boss, the gorgeous billionaire Nathan Larraby, sends her to Italy to safeguard a priceless treasure belonging to the Protettori, an ancient order of monks who guard four powerful relics that Nathan believes may be the cure for his dark curse. He also sends brooding mercenary Jake Stone to watch Kendall’s back—although her back isn’t all Jake has his eye on.

Nathan joins them, and all three tumble into a labyrinth of defenses created by the monks to protect their treasures, including the Fountain of Youth. They find themselves in England on the trail of the legendary King Arthur, who along with the Reaper, seems mysteriously connected to the Protettori. Sparks fly and bonds are tested as Kendall and Nathan’s pasts are revealed and Jake’s becomes even more mysterious. The trio must stay one step ahead of the mysterious Reaper if they want to survive.

Fountain of Secrets twists and turns through the shadows of myth and reality as Kendall races to uncover the Protettori’s secrets and fight her growing attraction to her boss and her bodyguard.

Guardians of Stone
Relic Seekers 1
Montlake Romance, December 4, 2012
Trade Paperback and Kindle eBook, 289 pages

In the tradition of Indiana Jones, a feisty heroine with a sixth sense, and two sexy heroes, a dark, reclusive billionaire and a mercenary bodyguard are on a hunt for four powerful relics that could change their lives…and the course of history. But relics aren’t Kendall’s only quest. Eventually, she’ll have to choose between her sexy boss and her badass bodyguard.

Kendall Morgan is a human bloodhound. Spending her childhood hunting relics with her ambitious archeologist father, she knew the two of them shared a sixth sense for the history and location of objects—sometimes even people. What she didn’t know was that their paranormal gift could ultimately be their undoing.

After the tragic plane crash that killed her father as well as her childhood best friend, Kendall dedicated her life to finding and protecting relics. When mysterious, sexy billionaire Nathan Larraby hires her for his latest expedition—the search for four powerful relics—she’s thrown into a world of high-octane danger. He sends brooding mercenary Jake Stone to watch Kendall’s back, but he may have created danger of a different kind.

As the team chases down clues, a man called the Reaper makes a play for the artifacts and will stop at nothing to put them to his own sinister use. What’s worse is that Nathan hasn’t told the whole story, and the dark secrets he’s keeping could cost them the mission…and their lives.

About Anita

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Anita Clenney writes mysteries and paranormal romantic suspense novels, including the bestselling Connor Clan series. Clenney grew up an avid reader, devouring Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books before moving on to mysteries and romance. It was only after several successful but wildly different careers—including work as an executive assistant, a real estate agent, a teacher’s assistant, and a brief stint in a pickle factory—that Anita discovered her untapped passion for writing. She lives with her husband and two children in suburban Virginia. You can learn more about her writing at

Facebook  ~  Twitter @anitaclenney

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    1. Patricia, they really are fun stories with lots of suspense.

  2. These books are based on a really fun concept. It's great when you can find something different in the great big paranormal sea that's overfilled with vampires and werewolves.Great job, Ms. Clenney! I look forward to reading book 2!

    1. Thank you! That's great to hear. I hope you continue to enjoy the stories.

  3. Loved Guardians of Stone and can't wait to read the next one. I was hooked with a female Indiana Jones concept.

    1. Thanks, Steph. I love adding adventure to the stories.

  4. thanks for sharing and congrats to Anita on the new release! I really enjoyed the first book!

  5. when will the third relic seekers be out? :) read the first two dying for the third :)