Sunday, March 09, 2014

Melanie's Week in Review - March 9, 2014

This was a good news, bad news kind of week on the reading front. I read one mega, fantastic book, 1 extremely dull book (it will be clear soon), and had 2 DNFs. So what did I read?

The mega fantastic read I started with was the third book of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences - Dawn's Early Light by Philippa Ballantine and Tee Morris. I LOVE this series (you may have guessed from my gushing about it in last week's WIR) and I think after book 3 I love it even more. I will be writing a full review so I can't say anything else.

You may remember my WIR a few weeks ago when I had a 'love in' with the 'love in' genre - PNR?  Well I didn't have such good luck this week in fact I had 2 DNFs. I tried to read Wild Fever by Donna Grant which was the first in the Chaisson series. This book broke one of my PNR rules with the hero and heroine jumping in bed within the first 2-3 chapters and in the middle of a life or death situation. For me, that just takes the 'R' out of PNR. The second one was Born in Blood by Alexandra Ivy. Again the romance was missing in this novel. If only Ivy had kept the tension building between her two lead characters for a few more chapters then it could have hit 'the spot'.

However, what I spent the most of the week reading was the Life in the United Kingdom' test book. Bet you didn't see that coming? Despite the fact I have lived in the UK for almost 20 years I have never bothered to get a British passport. As I was studying for the exam I kept wishing I could be reading almost anything else (apart from the above mentioned DNFs!). If you need to know any interesting facts like what happened in 1066, what was Charlie Chaplin most famous for playing or the words to God Save the Queen, just let me know! If anyone wants to know I passed the test (hurrah) and now its just another 9-12 months and £1000 and I might just end up with a British passport.

With that test under my belt I can now go back to reading books I want to read. Until next week Happy Reading.


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