Thursday, September 20, 2012

Unusual Covers - September 20, 2012

I was gifted several boxes of Science Fiction and Fantasy novels a few weeks ago. I've slowly been going through them to both catalog what is there and to seek out unusual covers. I really love books with unusual covers. I think they are wonderful!

Here are just a few that I've found:

I love the characters portrayed on the roller coaster. Looks like an away trip on a pleasure planet. I did a bit of research and this is the 3rd book in the Phule's Company series. The cover art is by Walter Velez. It's awesome!

Back cover copy:

Captain Willard Phule has whipped his troops into shape. That's how he turned Phule's Company from the laughingstock of the Legion into...a crack team of casino security guards.

Now his company is deployed to help an underdeveloped planet. And what better way to utilize their major area of expertise--goofing off-- than to turn it into the biggest galactic playground ever?

I love this cover. The cover art is by Barclay Shaw.

Back cover copy:

When violence and illness put a sudden end to Bill Anderson's brief career in space, he found himself stationed on Orion, the homeworld of Talan, the catlike alien who had saved his life. Despite the warm Oriani welcome, Anderson felt lost and lonely among Talan's people. So he made his way to the local spaceport, the only spot on the planet that drew offworld commerce-- alien and human

At the bustling spaceport, Anderson's talents as a translator got him a job as all-around errand boy to Steven Black, the local underworld kingpin. Anderson enjoyed the intrigue that came with the job. And by the time he realized just how dirty the job was, it was too late. Galactic peace was at stake--and Anderson was in other his head.

Once again Talan came to Anderson's aid, for Talan had need of his human friend. Between Steven Black and the Oriani, Anderson's life was no longer his own. Especially once he stumbled upon the Oriani's dark secret...

I also came across three novels from a six book series written by four different authors: Dr. Bones. Has anyone read this series or any of the novels? Thoughts?

Cover Art by David Dorman

Cover Art by Jim Burns

Cover Art by David Dorman

What do you think? Have you ever purchased a book because of its cover or not purchased a book because you did not like the cover?

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  1. Very cool. I love cool covers. Walter Velez did a lot of covers in the 80s, especially for the lighthearted fantasy/scifi books. The Phule books are decent reading too.

    Those Dr. Bones covers are crazy - that lady is first a 12 yo girl and then she's wearing skintight suit with football padding??