Sunday, September 23, 2012

ClassiConn 2012

My kids and I spent some time yesterday and today at the 2nd Annual ClassiConn. It's a small but really nice Con held in the next town to the East.

Here are some photos of the talent and others at the Con.

Billy Tucci

Cesar Feliciano

Dave Meikis

T.C. Ford

Frank McLaughlin and Bob Lyons

Jack Purcell

Pucky the Whale

Nick Palazzo

Brigid - Henna Tattoos (very awesome)

The walking dead invade ClassiConn
(Thank you to Daniella C. and Ray H.)

Tyler James

Free Lunch Comics

Sarah O'Donnell (left), creator of Rumbirds

Mark McKenna (right)

Cat Woman
(thank you to Jessica C.)

Zenescope Comics