Monday, May 24, 2021

Silver & Gold Foil John Cassaday Variants Revealed for Jupiter's Legacy: Requiem

PORTLAND, Ore. 05/21/2021 — In celebration of the recent Netflix success of Jupiter’s Legacy, Mark Millar and Tommy Lee Edwards’ 12-issue series Jupiter's Legacy: Requiem will feature two rare foil covers—a silver variant and a gold variant—by artist John Cassaday.

The highly collectible silver foil cover will be a 1:10 copy incentive variant and available in limited quantities—exclusively at local comic shops—upon release Wednesday, June 16. Interested fans should inquire with their local comic shop for availability. 

The Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 gold foil variant will ship to retailers as a thank you for their ongoing support of the Jupiter’s Legacy series. 

Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, June 16:
  • Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 Cover A Edwards - APR210095
  • Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 Cover B Quitely - APR210096
  • Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 Cover C Quitely B&W - APR210097
  • Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 Cover D Jock - APR210098
  • Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 Cover E Netflix Season 1 variant - APR210099
  • Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 Cover F Yildirim - APR210100
  • Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 Cover G Blank cover - APR210101
  • Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 Cover H 1:10 copy incentive silver foil - APR210102
Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 will also be available for purchase across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, comiXology, and Google Play.

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