Monday, November 25, 2019

The View From Monday - November 25, 2019

Happy last Monday in November!

There are two debuts this week:

NVK by Temple Drake;


The Gatherer (The Gatherer 1) by Colleen Winter.

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From formerly featured DAC Authors:

Arabella The Traitor of Mars (The Adventures of Arabella Ashby 3) by David D Levine is out in Mass Market Paperback;


Dominion (Eternity War 3) by Jamie Sawyer.

Clicking on a novel's cover will take you to its Amazon page.

Debut novels are highlighted in blue. Novels, etc. by formerly featured DAC Authors are highlighted in green.

November 26, 2019
Fools (ri) Pat Cadigan SF/CyP/LF - Gateway Essentials
NVK (D) Temple Drake SupTh/P/Gothic
The Search for Spark (h2mm) Steven Erikson SF/HU/SO/Satire - Willful Child 3
Grantville Gazette VIII (h2mm) Eric Flint (Ed)
Walt Boyes (Ed)
SF/TT - Ring of Fire 8 Anthology
The Solar War (h2mm) John French SF/SO - Horus Heresy: Siege of Terra 1
The Old Nurse's Story Elizabeth Gaskell and Seth GH - Seth's Christmas Ghost Stories
Abandoned (h2mm) W. Michael Gear SF/HSF/SO - Donovan 2
Myths & Revenants David Guymer
Andy Clark
et al.
F - Warhammer: Age of Sigmar
The Great Devourer: The Leviathan Omnibus Guy Haley
Josh Reynolds
Nick Kyme
and more
SF - Warhammer 40,000
A Pillar of Fire by Night (h2mm) Tom Kratman SF - Carerra 7
Seasons: All-New Tales of Valdemar Mercedes Lackey (Ed) F - Valdemar 13 Anthology
A Rising Moon (tp2mm) Stephen Leigh HistF/F - Sunpath 2
Arabella The Traitor of Mars (h2mm) David D. Levine SF/SP - The Adventures of Arabella Ashby 3
Age of Legends James Lovegrove SF - Pantheon 8
The Sundial R.H. Malden and Seth GH - Seth's Christmas Ghost Stories
The Apple Tree Daphne du Maurier and Seth GH - Seth's Christmas Ghost Stories
The Rise of Magicks Nora Roberts P/PNR/SupTh/Ap/PA/Dys - Chronicles of The One 3
Reckoning of Fallen Gods (h2mm) R. A. Salvatore F/DF - The Coven 2
The Hero of Ages (ri) Brandon Sanderson F - Mistborn 3
Dominion Jamie Sawyer SF/SO/AC.HSF - Eternity War 3
A Spell of Murder (h2tp) Clea Simon PCM - Witch Cats of Cambridge 1
Where Winter Finds You: A Caldwell Christmas J.R. Ward PNR - Black Dagger Brotherhood
Thanquol and Boneripper C L Werner F - Warhammer Chronicles
The Gatherer (D) Colleen Winter TechTh/Dys - The Gatherer 1

November 28, 2019
Sorcery Reborn Steve McHugh UF/CF/DF - Rebellion Chronicles 1

November 30, 2019
My Beautiful Life K. J. Parker UF

D - Debut
e - eBook
Ed - Editor
h2mm - Hardcover to Mass Market Paperback
h2tp - Hardcover to Trade Paperback
mm - Mass Market Paperback
ri - reissue or reprint
tp2mm - Trade Paperback to Mass Market Paperback
Tr - Translator

AB - Absurdist
AC - Alien Contact
AH - Alternative History
AP - Apocalyptic
CF - Contemporary Fantasy
CoA - Coming of Age
Cr - Crime
CW - Contemporary Women
CyP - Cyperpunk
DF - Dark Fantasy
Dys - Dystopian
F - Fantasy
FairyT - Fairy Tales
FL - Family Life
FolkT - Folk Tales
GenEng - Genetic Engineering
GH - Ghost(s)
H - Horror
Hist - Historical
HistF - Historical Fantasy
HSF - Hard Science Fiction
HU - Humorous
LC - Literary Criticism
LF - Literary Fiction
LM - Legend and Mythology
MR - Magical Realism
MTI - Media Tie-In
Occ - Occult
P - Paranormal
PA - Post Apocalyptic
PNR - Paranormal Romance
PolTh - Political Thriller
PsyTh - Psychological Thriller
RF - Romantic Fantasy
SE - Space Exploration
SF - Science Fiction
SH - Superheroes
SO - Space Opera
SP - Steampunk
SS - Short Stories
Sup - Supernatural
SupTh - Supernatural Thriller
Sus - Suspense
TT - Time Travel
UF - Urban Fantasy

Note: Not all genres and formats are found in the books, etc. listed above.


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