Sunday, June 23, 2019

Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off (SPFBO) 5

The 5th year of the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off starts on July 1, 2019.

We shall put on our agent hats and go through the 30 books assigned to The Qwillery looking for that 1 novel that we think can win!

Each of The Qwillery's 5 agents will be randomly assigned 6 books out of the 30. Each agent will pick a Semi-Finalist from those 6 books. Then every agent will look at the 5 Semi-Finalists. We'll share our thoughts with each other about the books and out of those 5 books a Finalist will be chosen. Semi-Finalists will get reviews but no score; only the Finalist will receive a score. Note: there is always the possibility of more than 1 Semi-Finalist per agent! That depends on the books!

The Qwillery has the following 30 books in its Slush Pile. You can follow what is happening with the Slush Pile at The Qwillery's SPFBO 5 page here.

The Qwillery's Slush Pile

Author Title
Arden, Blaine D. A Triad in Three Acts
Blanchard, Kelly  Someday I'll Be Redeemed
Blinston, Andy Oblivion
Callahan, Rebecca The Dark Yule
Cowley, Meg Heart of Dragons
Craig, Adam The Pact
Denvil, Barbara Gaskell A White Horizon
Dodge, Emerald Sea of Lost Souls
Dorner, J Lenni Fractions of Existence
Engelmeier, L.K. A Shard of Sea & Bone
Haywood, Lee H.  A Wizard's Dark Dominion
Hodgson, Jim Apprentice Quest
Kang, J.C. Masters of Deception
Knight, Eric T. Stone Bound
Kohler, Paul B. The Borrowed Souls
LeClerc, Patrick Broken Crossroads
Maxwell, Flint Knight and Shadow
McClain, Virginia Blade's Edge
Nile, Edward Bloodlight
Pfeiffer, Levi Litany of Wrath
Ponder, A.J. Quest
Prior, D. P. Husk
Raine, Eliza Skies of Olympus
Sherrer, Lydia Love, Lies & Hocus Pocus: Beginnings
Steer, Huw The Blackbird and the Ghost
Toroid, Ash Tooth Goblins
Van Orman, Sharon Lykaia
Warne, A. A. Heavy Dirty Soul
Zoltack, N. M. A Time of Turmoil
Zwikstra, Monica Alban's Choice

The Agents

The Qwillery's SPFBO team is made up of Qwill/Sally, Melanie, and Jennifer from The Qwillery and 2 guest agents:

Beth Tabler of  the Before We Go Blog and author Phil Parker! We are thrilled and delighted to have them!

About Beth

Who Am I?
My name is Beth. I am originally from Las Vegas but now reside in the pacific northwest with my husband, daughter, and dog named Handsome Jack. I run a website called before we go blog that talks about all things books, and writing.

I love books and everything about them. I pretty much always have a book in my hand. I read science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, young adult, and everything else that looks great. I am a big fan of indie authors, and I run a weekly column called #indiespotlight highlighting a different writer every week.

Where to find me?

About Phil

Phil Parker had been a teacher of English and Drama for an eternity until starting a new life as a writer. (It's life, Jim, but not as we know it). He's written 3 non-fiction books, a regular column in an education newspaper for four years and last year self-published his Knights' Protocol trilogy. Its first novel, The Bastard from Fairyland, was an entrant in SPFBO4. Phil blogs at which includes his reviews. Phil also created the British & Irish Writing Community which has a section in his blog. As a judge in SPFBO5, Phil aims to bring his experiences as an author to make sure his reviews are honest, fair and constructive. In his spare time, Phil consumes pizza and red wine and longs to be in Italy while he's doing it.

Twitter: @PhilSpeculates

You can find out more about Qwill, Melanie and Jennifer on the "About Us" page here.


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