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ParaMysMo 2014 - Allison Kingsley, author of the Raven's Nest Bookstore Mysteries - October 8, 2014

Please welcome Allison Kingsley, author of the Raven's Nest Bookstore Mysteries, who shares how the Quinn cousins celebrate Halloween at the Raven's Nest Bookstore!

The Quinn cousins pull out all the stops to celebrate Halloween in the Raven’s Nest. A life-sized figure of a fortune teller awaits you just inside the door, and make sure to duck your head when entering, or you’ll get tangled up in the cobwebs. Oh, and that enormous spider dangling just above your nose? Don’t worry, it’s not real. I think.

Stephanie Quinn Dowd owns and runs the Raven’s Nest – a paranormal bookstore. She can tell you anything you want to know about witches, ghosts and vampires. Clara Quinn helps her cousin, in between solving murders, that is. Clara has inherited the family sixth sense, which is sometimes there when she needs it and more often when she doesn’t. Sometimes it helps her solve murders. Sometimes it doesn’t.

As you make your way down the aisles, you’ll hear eerie music playing, punctuated with shrieks and screams. Cobwebs and spiders are everywhere, and around one corner a skeleton leers at you as you pass by. That black cat strolling along in front of you? He’s real. His name is Edgar.

Don’t take too long to browse the tantalizing books on the shelves. Someone dressed as a ghost or vampire might jump out at you. It could even be a real ghost or vampire. One never knows at the Raven’s Nest.

If and when you safely reach the Reader’s Nook, you’ll find a wicked witch in a very tall hat brewing some evil concoction in a cauldron. Don’t worry. It’s just Clara making hot cider. There’s even bowls of candy on the counter for the little ones. Oh, and the big furry animal furiously wagging his tail is Tatters. He belongs to Rick, who owns the hardware store across the street. Tatters lives with Clara, because Rick doesn’t have time to take care of him. Clara would do just about anything for Rick.

Clara can read Tatters’ mind, which can be very disturbing when out in public. What’s more, Tatters understands everything she says, which makes for some interesting one-sided conversations.

Anyway, if you want to celebrate Halloween in style, pay a visit to the Raven’s Nest Bookstore. It’s in Finn’s Harbor, on the coast of Maine. Just be sure to keep an eye out for the zombie. He’s not a friendly fellow.

Extra Sensory Deception
A Raven's Nest Bookstore Mystery 4
Berkeley, August 5, 2014
Mass Market Paperback and eBook, 288 pages

As the owners of the Raven’s Nest bookstore, cousins Stephanie and Clara Quinn are the premier booksellers in the quaint town of Finn’s Harbor, Maine. But with Clara’s inherited ability to read minds and see the future, she’s also the premier crime solver…

You don’t have to be a psychic to know: The rodeo is coming to town! Clara’s boyfriend, Rick Sanders, invites her to the show to meet his high school buddy and expert calf roper, Wes Carlton. But when Clara’s Quinn Sense offers her a disturbing vision involving a rodeo clown, she worries that there will be more danger at the rodeo than just the traditional bucking bronco.

Of course, her premonition turns out to be accurate, and a dead body is discovered behind the concert stage, strangled by Wes’s piggin’ string. Rick is sure that there’s no way Wes could have murdered anyone, but he’s going to need Clara’s Quinn Sense to keep the authorities from roping the wrong suspect... 

Trouble Vision
A Raven's Nest Bookstore Mystery 3
Berkley, June 4, 2013
Mass Market Paperback and eBook, 304 pages

In quaint Finn’s Harbor, Maine, cousins and best friends Clara and Stephanie Quinn run The Raven’s Nest bookstore. But thanks to Clara’s ability to read minds and see the future, selling books sometimes gets shelved in favor of saving lives…

When the new mayor calls a press conference about the controversial hotel resort being built on the edge of the city, the residents of Finn’s Harbor have an opportunity to express their concerns about traffic and tourists. But when the debating turns into outright fighting, Clara gets a premonition that’s nothing but trouble.

While Stephanie is enthralled with her cousin’s vision, Clara just wants it to go away. Then a customer comes into The Raven’s Nest talking about a fatal fall at the hotel’s construction site, and Clara knows better than to ignore her Quinn Sense. In a town full of citizens who want the project to fail, Clara and Stephanie have to figure out who made the jump from anger to murder…

A Sinister Sense
A Raven's Nest Bookstore Mystery 2
Berkley, July 3, 2012
Mass Market Paperback and eBook, 288 pages

Visions of the future and turning into people's thoughts come naturally to Clara Quinn thanks to her inherited Quinn Sense. Unfortunately, it offers no insight into her love life—or lack thereof—especially where hardware store owner Rick Sanders is concerned. But even though she's still nursing a broken heart, Clara offers Rick a home for his troublesome dog, Tatters.

But Tatters is the least of Rick's problems when a dead body is discovered in the back of his truck. The victim was seen in the hardware store—and bludgeoned to death with a hammer stolen from there. Clara believes Rick is innocent, but she's not sure whether that belief comes from the Quinn Sense in her head or simply from a desire in her heart...

Mind Over Murder
A Raven's Nest Bookstore Mystery 1
Berkley, September 6, 2011
Mass Market Paperback and eBook, 272 pages

Cousins and best friends, Clara and Stephanie Quinn run The Raven's Nest Bookstore, where people go to find their most coveted reads. But they have no idea it's the psychically-gifted Clara who's reading them...

The bookstore has made an enemy of the town crier, Ana Jordon, who claims that the store's occult collection is "poisoning" the town's youth. Meanwhile, the store's number-one employee, Molly, has made no secret of her anger over Ana's antics. So when Ana is found dead, killed by the bust of Edgar Allen Poe sculpted by Molly, the evidence is stacked against her. And Clara must rely on her gift to make sense of this senseless murder...

About Allison

Allison Kingsley has been writing romance and mysteries for twenty-five years. She has published over sixty novels and two short stories. She lives on a golf course in Oregon with her husband, Bill, and Tippi, a rat terrier who thinks she’s a Great Dane. When she’s not playing golf, she’s either going camping with her husband in their motor home, or analyzing movies on TV.


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  1. I have just made some Halloween bunting. That's my favorite right now.

  2. My favorite Halloween decorations are pumpkins and gourds in all shapes and colors.

  3. I love it when people go overboard and turn the whole front yard into a scene from a horror film or a cemetery - the more extreme the better! Alternatively cobwebs always good - I just don't clean the corners for October to create natural ones! ;-)

  4. I love jack-o-lanterns. Especially when whoever is carving does something more than just the traditional face. It can really show a lot of creativity. :)

  5. I love putting up cobwebs! That and little suprises around the house to scare my kid!