Saturday, October 20, 2012

The 2013 Debut Author Challenge

This is the third year of The Qwillery's Debut Author Challenge (DAC or Challenge). Again this year many of the 2013 Debut Authors will be writing guest blogs either before or after publication.  Near the publication date, each of the 2013 Debut Authors will be interviewed. Debut Authors' novels will be listed in a post on the first of each month. Please check each month's list to let me know if I've missed any debut authors. You can also let everyone participating know which book or books you will be reading in the comments to the post if you'd like.

What is a Debut for purposes of the Challenge?
  • The novel must be a full length adult fiction novel. For the purpose of determining a debut, the United States publication date is used. The copyright date or non-US publication date will not be used.
  • If the author has written YA or MG fiction, her or his first full length adult fiction novel will be a debut for the purposes of the Challenge. 
  • If the author has written non-fiction and this is the first full length adult fiction novel, it will be a debut for purposes of the Challenge.
  • If a full length adult fiction novel previously has been published outside of the United States, but it is being published for the first time in the United States, it will qualify as a debut for purposes of the Challenge.
  • If the author has only written novels that are part of an established series or canon, his or her first original full length adult fiction novel will qualify as a debut for purposes of the Challenge.

The genres and subgenres covered by the challenge are Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Mystery, Horror, Science Fiction, SciFi Romance, Steampunk, Steampunk Mystery, Steampunk Romance, Supernatural Noir and all their permutations. The debuts are not YA/MG.

The object of the 2013 Debut Author Challenge is for participants to read at least 12 debut novels published during 2013 - one from each month of the year though you may read them anytime between January 1, 2013 and January 15, 2014.

Everyone who reads at least 12 novels (1 from each month) will have her/his name thrown into a drawing for a US$100 gift certificate to an online bookstore to be determined by The Qwillery. A form may be developed so that each participant can indicate which book or books that participant has read for each month. Or I may just establish an email address for the purposes of sending the information. Check the 2013 DAC Page for updates about this.  If you are going to participate you can leave a comment below or at the 2013 DAC Page.

Happy Reading!

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2013 Debut Author Visits as of October 20, 2012:

The following Debut Authors will be visiting The Qwillery during late 2012 and during 2013. Please note that they are listed in author alphabetical order, not guest post, interview or release date order.

(release month)
Guest Blog Date
Interview Date
Kait Ballenger
(Adult Debut)
Shadow Hunter

Execution Underground
Clifford BealGideon's Angel
 May not be final cover

R.S. BelcherThe Six Gun Tarot

Wesley ChuThe Loves of Tao

Cassandra Rose Clarke
(Adult Debut)
The Mad Scientist's Daughter

Peter HigginsWolfhound Century

Stephen P. Kiernan
(Fiction Debut)
The Curiosity

Francis KnightFade to Black

Pain Mage Trilogy
Evie Manieri
(US Debut)
Blood's Pride

Michael MartinezThe Daedulus Incident

Brian McClellanPromise of Blood

The Powder Mage
Suzanne PalmieriThe Witch of Little Italy

Gillian Philip
(US Debut)

Rebel Angel
M.C. PlanckThe Kassa Gambit

Amy RabyAssassin's Gambit

Bee RidgwayThe River of No Return

Kerry SchaferBetween

Liesel SchwarzA Conspiracy of Alchemists

Chronicles of Light
and Shadow


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