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Interview with Carrie Vaughn and Giveaway - August 4, 2012

Please welcome Carrie Vaughn to The Qwillery. Carrie is the author of the Kitty Norville series (in addition to other series/novels). Kitty Steals the Show, the 10th Kitty Norville novel, was published on July 31, 2012.

TQ:  What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

Carrie:  I'm not really sure -- I have a bunch of quirks. I write things out of order, whenever scenes come to me. If I get stuck I'll skip ahead. I work on more than one thing at a time. I have to know the ending before I start.

TQ:  Who are some of your favorite writers?

Carrie:  Robin McKinley, Ray Bradbury, Lois McMaster Bujold, Connie Willis, Steven Erikson, Iain M. Banks, Patricia McKillip, Peter Beagle, the list goes on…

TQ:  Are you a plotter or a pantser?

Carrie:  I'm a little of both. I start with a rudimentary outline, but it never has enough information and I'm constantly making discoveries and reworking the outline as I go. I'll know the end, but have no clue about the middle.

TQ:   What is the most challenging thing for you about writing?

Carrie:  The business side of it, usually. Contracts, promotion, etc. As for the writing itself, every project gets to a point where I get completely lost and I'm convinced it will never come together -- the messy middle. But I always manage to get through it, and it usually turns out okay.

TQ:  What inspired you to write the Kitty Norville series?

Carrie:  I decided that if there really were vampires and werewolves in the "real" world, Dr. Laura would not be able to help them with their problems and they would need their own talk radio advice show. Once I came up with the show, I needed a host for the show, and Kitty was born.

TQ:   What sorts of research have you done for the series? What is the oddest bit of information that you've come across in your research?

Carrie:  I've done all kinds of research. Some of the obvious research is probably the various mythologies and folklores I've written about -- Chinese mythology, Navajo lore, and so on. I also have to do quite a bit of research on the places I set the stories, police procedure, and so on. The oddest bit I've probably come across is that the Nazi resistance to the Allied occupation of Germany in the last months of World War II was called Operation Werewolf, and you can bet I'm going to use that in a story someday.

TQ:  Do you base your paranormal/supernatural elements on existing lore, make things up or both?

Carrie:  A little of both. For a lot of the vampire and werewolf "rules" I get inspiration from Hollywood, which is kind of its own thing and not really based on existing lore. But it's what people are familiar with so it's easy to use and comment on it. But for a lot of the stories I definitely try to tap into existing lore, because the stories are really good, with details I could never possibly make up, and because I love using details that people will recognize as being part of the actual lore. For example, when I had skinwalkers in Kitty Takes a Holiday, I really wanted to use the actual folklore, rather than the Hollywood version, which really doesn't have much to do with the original Navajo lore. The folklore is much more interesting and dark.

TQ:  Tell us something about Kitty Steals the Show that is not in the book description.

Carrie:  The book description mentions some old faces returning to give Kitty trouble…I think readers will be pleased with which old faces those are. And London is one of my favorite cities to visit, and I really enjoyed waxing enthusiastic about it in the book.

TQ:  Without giving anything away, what is/are your favorite scene(s) in the Kitty Steals the Show?

Carrie:  In one scene Kitty meets a bunch of European vampires. It's pretty traumatic, but I believe Kitty handles herself well. I imagined the scene for a long time, so it was especially fun to write.

TQ:  In the Kitty Norville series, who is the character that has surprised you the most?

Carrie:  In some ways, Kitty herself has surprised me, just because I sometimes don't even know what she's going to say until I write it down. Considering I once thought I didn't have it in me to write a series at all, the fact that she's on her tenth (and beyond) novel constantly surprises me. The other character who surprises me may be Amelia, just because she really did show up out of the blue, but I've become so intrigued by her and her relationship to Cormac. I definitely want to do more with them.

TQ:  What's next? /this is where you share anything bookish that you'd like/

Carrie:  More Kitty books are on the way. I've finished writing the next two, so be on the look out for them. I've also got a bunch of short stories on the way. I'm currently working on a sequel to my superhero novel, After the Golden Age.

TQ:  Thank you for joining us at The Qwillery.

Carrie:  Thank you for inviting me!

Kitty Norville

Kitty Steals the Show
Kitty Norville 10
Tom Doherty Associates, Tor Books, July 31, 2012
Mass Market Paperback and eBook, 352 pages

Kitty has been tapped as the keynote speaker for the First International Conference on Paranatural Studies, taking place in London. The conference brings together scientists, activists, protestors, and supernatural beings from all over the world—and Kitty, Ben, and Cormac are right in the middle of it.

Master vampires from dozens of cities have also gathered in London for a conference of their own. With the help of the Master of London, Kitty gets more of a glimpse into the Long Game—a power struggle among vampires that has been going on for centuries—than she ever has before. In her search for answers, Kitty has the help of some old allies, and meets some new ones, such as Caleb, the alpha werewolf of the British Isles. The conference has also attracted some old enemies, who’ve set their sights on her and her friends.

All the world’s a stage, and Kitty’s just stepped into the spotlight.

Kitty Norville 1-9

Kitty's Greatest Hits
(Short Story Collection)

About Carrie

© Timony Siobhan
Carrie Vaughn is the New York Times bestselling author of the Kitty Norville books, including Kitty’s Big Trouble and Kitty and the Midnight Hour. She is also the author of the stand-alone novels After the Golden Age and Discord’s Apple, and the young adult books Voice of Dragons and Steel. Vaughn had the nomadic childhood of the typical Air Force brat, with stops across the country from California to Florida. She earned her B.A. from Occidental College in Los Angeles, and a master’s in English from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She has worked as a Renaissance Festival counter wench, a theater usher, an editor, a buyer at an independent bookstore, and an administrative assistant. She lives in Boulder, Colorado.

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The Giveaway


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If paranormal and/or supernatural being exist, should they reveal themselves to the world?

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  1. Hmm, I like the worlds where the paranormal creatures are "out", but I think my favorite series that deals with this has to be Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series. I suspect humans would react negatively to learning about the presence of "others."

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  2. I think paranormal beings do exist in some form and definetely they keep them selves secret. Too much intolerance in the world. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. They could come out to me but I'm pretty sure, They should otherwise keep to themselves, because people seem to over react to things they dont understand. Thx for giveaway.

    Follow: GFC Lona Stringer and email blinkysthebest at aol dot com

  4. First off I have to have a fangirl moment and say thank you so much for taking the time and effort to share with us today. Kitty is my friend and I have been following her adventures since the the Midnight Hour was released and am so happy and excited when a new one comes out and we get to get caught up ;=D I think that if the paranormal community wants to come out that is fine with me, but they will definitely need to be prepared and aware that with the current level of bigotry in our society and around the globe for the chaos that will likely follow. It is an unfortunate fact that folks just do not like different and the fear factor of Joe average it a force to be reckoned with. Personally I say bring it on, but as with every enlightenment comes revolution and the watchword is be prepared for blood.

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  5. I believe that many people really do reject the unfamiliar, so if they are determined to be accepted with the rest of society then it would have to be a slow release. Good question!

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  6. Good question; i think they shouldn't because people have a tendency to hate ( and try to destroy) what they fear or envy and i'm sure don't won't accept that human being aren't the best of creature with intelligence so for paranormal being it would be too risking even if i find this sad it would be better for them to keep they identity secret

    +1gfc follower: miki


  7. Thanks so much for the interview. I love these books. I do not think they should be revealed. There are too many people who would not understand. If we cannot have all our gays out how can we have paranormals?
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  8. First thanks so much for the giveaway!! Now to answer the question... It's kinda a yes and no answer. First the yes, as supernatural beings that would be "out" could do so many good things in the world. There are just too many good things about them. For the no, everyone knows that people hate what they don't understand and our world is a terrible and cruel place. I hate to say it but I guess it would depend in what type of 'being' you are :)

    Thanks again. + 1 comment and +1 follower, & I follow via email

    You can contact me at

  9. I don't know, it might be difficult for them or they might be treated like celebrities, who knows? edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOtcom GFC Krystal Larson

  10. I don't think so. The world doesn't need to know the business of one supernatural. Although I think it is necessary, eventually, that the supernatural tell his/her significant other. Especially if the other is human. The human should know eventually, particularly if they are dating and before any marriage commitment.

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  11. I don't think they should come out because there is too much prejudice in the world and people tend to overreact. I already believe there are some paranormal creatures in the world hiding. Please enter me in contest. I am a follower and email subscriber.

  12. I think you'd want to test the waters by floating a rumor out there first, so you don't cause a mass freakout/backlash.
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  13. NO, I don't think so!They would be hunted to extinction or put in labs and studied.

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  14. I LOVE this series. I'm three books behind, but I plan on picking them up very soon! I'd love to win this contest! :)

    As for the answer of the question above.. That depends. In some novels it seems like it wouldn't be too bad, at leas after the initial shock, but with this day and age, I'd say it would be a mistake. I don't think the government would allow them freedom and people are so quick to judge.. Although, yuh never know! Mankind might surprise us with kindness.


  15. No, i think not. They will be hunted!!

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    filiafantasy at gmail dot com

  16. I think if paranormal and/or supernatural beings exist, they shouldn't reveal themselves to the world because there's no telling what people will do when confronted by something that frightens them.

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  17. Yep I think they should come out
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  18. if they're exist, i don't think they should reveal themselves to the word ...why ? off course the government would use them for war !!!

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    thx u
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  19. While I would like to know. I dont know that the majority of people would be open to the idea and that would be a lot of issues.

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    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  20. I would like to remain in ignorance if they did actually exist. I'd sleep better at night NOT knowing.

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  21. That is a personal choice for them to make. Personally, I would like to remain in the dark because when people are afraid, especially irrational fears, they seek to control you and justify it by saying you have no rights

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  22. No, I don't think they should reveal themselves. Too many humans wouldn't be able to deal with it. +1
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  23. I would definitely want them to be a secret. Anything out in the open will get dissected and reduced to a horrible joke. We, humans, have that way about us... I'd prefer it to stay a mystery. If all these supernatural creatures are underground,, they should not come out of the closet. It will be insane :)
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  24. Hi
    I'd like for them to reveal themselves, but be careful to whom they reveal themselves. I'd like to be trusted with their secret.

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  25. No, I don't think there's any reason for them to.

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  26. I'd love for them to walk in broad daylight, but I'm afraid it would do them no good. Our society doesn't handle the non-white picket fence-people all that well, and your average human being already has a decent amount of trouble getting equal rights. I wouldn't want to put the supernaturals through our mess...

    Thank you for the interview and giveaway! I love me some Kitty :)

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  27. I would love to exist in a world where they 'outed' themselves :)

    GFC - Taz (+1)

    tasnim-sheikh AT hotmail DOT com

    Thanks for the giveaway! (+1)

  28. Great question, Q! :)
    I'm selfish: I'd want to know if the paranormal/supernatural creatures existed in the world, but I wouldn't want them to be "out". Too many people hate &/or fear the different as it is. We don't need to introduce more into the world.

    +3: comment, follower, and I retweeted this morning.

  29. I think they should stay secret, but someone better let me know about them.

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