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The View From Monday - August 1, 2011

It's the 1st Monday in August. Just a reminder for those of you with Borders Plus cards: you will only receive additional discounts on qualifying purchases through August 5, 2011.

This week The Qwillery has interviews with

Shannon K. Butcher, author of The Sentinel Wars series and The Edge series. Blood Hunt (The Sentinel Wars 5) is available on Tuesday, August 2;

John Hornor Jacobs, author of Southern Gods (part of the 2011 Debut Author Challenge Interviews);

Ashlyn Chase, author of the Strange Neighbors series. The Vampire Next Door (Strange Neighbors 3) is available today.

and a guest blog from

Erica Hayes, author of the Shadowfae Chronicles. Blood Cursed (Shadowfae Chronicles 4) is available on Tuesday, August 2.

A book shopping list in PDF format may be found by clicking here. Click "File" on the left and then "Print (PDF)." Remember to set your printer to Landscape mode. Anthology covers and book trailers are below.

August 1, 2011

Catriona (ri)Baker, JeanettePNR
The Vampire Next DoorChase, AshlynPNR - Strange Neighbors 3
And A Child Shall Lead ThemDarrell, Keith B.F - Halos & Horns 2
Cold Magic (tp2mm)Elliott, KateSP/F - Spiritwalker 1
Plain Fear: ForsakenEllis, LeannaH - Plain Fear 1
Blood Maidens (h2tp)Hambly, BarbaraH - James Asher 3
The Lady of the StormKennedy, KathrynePHR -Elven Lords 2
Stormlord's ExileLarke, GlendaEF - Watergivers 3
Germline (d)McCarthy, T.C.SF - Subterrene War 1
The Cry of the MarwingNikakis, K.S.EF - Kira Chronicles 3
Eye of the TempestPeeler, NicoleUF - Jane True 4
Midnight on Julia Street (ri)Ware, CijiFR/TTR

August 2, 2011

Blood Song (t2mm)Adams, CatUF - Blood Song 1
Truth EngineAxler, JamesSF - Outlanders 58
Real Vampires Don't Wear Size 6Bartlett, GerryPNR - Glory St. Clair7
A Pleasure to Burn: Fahrenheit 451 StoriesBradbury, RaySF - Short Stories
Blood HuntButcher, Shannon K.PNR - Sentinel Wars 5
Working StiffCaine, RachelUF - Revivalist 1
Ward Against DeathCard, MelanieF - Chronicles of a Reluctant Necromancer 1
The WatchtowerCarroll, LeeUF - Garet James 2
First Command (ri)Chandler, A. BertramSF - Collection
Flowers for Her GraveClemens, JudyFM - Grim Reaper Mystery3
Introducing Garrett, P.I.Cook, GlenF - Omnibus
Derik's Bane (ri)Davidson, MaryJanicePNR - Wyndham Werewolf 3
A Hole in the SkyDietz, William C.SF - Resistance 2
Paradise 21Dionne, AubrieSFR - New Dawn 1
Omnitopia: East WindDuane, DianeSF - Omnitopia 2
Luck of the Devil (d)Eimer, PatriciaPC - Speak of the Devil 1
The Palace of Impossible Dreams (h2mm)Fallon, JenniferEF - Tide of Lords 3
Agatha H. and the Airship CityFoglio, Phil
Foglio Kaja
Zero History (h2tp)Gibson, WilliamSF
Out in Blue (d)Gilman, SarahPNR - Return to Sanctuary 1
Home Improvement: Undead EditionHarris, Charlaine (ed)
Kelner, Toni L.P. (ed)
UF - Anthology
Storm's HeartHarrison, TheaPNR - Elder Races 2
Blood CursedHayes, EricaUF - Shadowfae Chronicles 4
Secrets of the WolvesHearst, DorothyEF- Wolf Chronicles 2
Battle of the Network Zombies (t2mm)Henry, MarkUF - Amanda Feral 3
The Red GardenHoffman, AliceF
When Darkness Comes (ri)Ivy, AlexandraUF - Guardians of Eternity 1
Southern GodsJacobs, John HornorH
NocturneJames, SyrieHR
SteelhandsJones, Jaida
Bennett, Danielle
FR - Havemercy
RetributionKenyon, SherrilynPNR - Dark-Hunter 20
Water to BurnKerr, KatherineUF - License to Ensorcell 2
Night Walker (d)Kessler, LisaPNR - The Night 1
Master of ShadowsKnight, AngelaPNR - Mageverse 8
Blood of the DemonLario, RosaliePNR -Demons of Infernum 1
Prince of Thorns (d)Lawrence, MarkEF- The Broken Empire 1
Ghost ShipLee, Sharon
Miller, Steve
SF - Liaden Universe 13
Path of the Sun (tp2mm)Malan, VioletteF - Dhulyn and Parno 4
Warriors 3Martin, George RR (ed)
Dozois Gardner (ed)
F/SF - Anthology
Storm Born (ri)Mead, RichelleUF - Dark Swan 1
Another Kind of DeadMeding, KellyUF - Dreg City3
Empress of EternityModesitt, L. E.SF
The Wild Side: Urban Fantasy with an Erotic EdgeName, Mark L. Van (ed)UF - Anthology
Heart SearchOwens, Robin D.PNR - Celta 10
Darkness DescendingQuinn, DevynPNR - Vampire Armageddon 1
The DivinerRawn, MelanieHiF
DownpourRichardson, KatUF - Greywalker 5
Labyrinth (h2mm)Richardson, KatUF - Greywalker 4
The Whitefire Crossing (d)Schafer, CourtneyAF - The Shattered Sigil 1
AntiphonScholes, KenF - Psalms of Isaak 3
ExiledStirling, S.M.
Turtledove, Harry
Ringo, John
Nye, Jody Lynn
SF - Clan of the Claw 1
The Moonlight BrigadeStratford, Sarah JanePNR - Millennial 2
The Waters Rising (h2tp)Tepper, Sheri S.SF - Plague of Angels 2
BasiliskThurman, RobSF - Chimera 2
Tempest in the Tea LeavesTownsend, Kari LeeSM - Fortune Teller Mysteries 1
Primal LawTyler, J.D.PNR - Alpha Pack 1
Delaney's ShadowWeaver, IngridPNR/S
DemonicWhitefeather, SheriPER

August 3, 2011

The Last OracleSimpson, PatriciaPNR - Forbidden Tarot 3

August 4, 2011

The Last Four ThingsHoffman, PaulF - Left Hand of God 2
A Blight of MagesMiller, KarenEF -Kingmaker, Kingbreaker 3

August 6, 2011

Blood & Moonlight (ri)Ashley, Amanda
Cach, Lisa
Monajem, Barbara
PNR - Collection
The Unforgiven (ri)Nash, JoyPNR


Book Trailers

Retribution by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Night Walker by Lisa Kessler

Darkness Descending by Devyn Quinn

The Moonlight Brigade by Sarah Jane Stratford


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