Monday, May 30, 2011

The View From Monday - May 30, 2011

Happy Monday! It's a busy week at The Qwillery. On Tuesday, May 31st there will be an interview with author Karina Cooper. Blood of the Wicked, Karina's debut, will be released on the 31st. On Thursday, June 2nd, there will be an interview with author, Stacey Jay. Dead on the Delta by Stacey also will be released on the 31st. On Friday, June 3rd, Erin Kellison will be interviewed. Erin's Shadow Touch, an e-novella, will be released on June 1st.

There will also be comics and more about Book Expo America this week.

Below are the release lists for this week, anthology covers, and book trailers. A book shopping list in PDF format may be found by clicking here. Click "File" on the left and then "Print (PDF)." Remember to set your printer to Landscape mode.

May 31, 2011

The Time Weaver****Shana AbeF - Drakon 5
Dead of VeridonTim AkersSF - Burn Cycle 2
Magic SlaysIlona AndrewsUF - Kate Daniels 5
StarcrossedJosephine AngeliniYA -Awakening 1
Infernal AffairsJes BattisUF - OSI Novels 4
X RestoredClaudia Mair BurneyYA - Exorsistah 3
Nightspell Leah CypessYA
Wicked LiesLisa Jackson &
Nancy Bush
ST - Wicked 2
Ambassador's Mission****Trudi CanavanF - Traitor Spy Trilogy1
The RogueTrudi CanavanF - Traitor Spy Trilogy 2
Humpty's BonesSimon ClarkH
Blood of the Wicked*Karina CooperPNR - Dark Mission 1
The Best Horror of the Year Volume 3Ellen Datlow (ed)H - Anthology
Immanuel's Veins**Ted DekkerHF
DemonKristina DouglasPNR - Fallen 2
Devil Without A CauseTerri GareyPNR - Devil's Bargain 1
Come Closer**Sara GranH
Bullet****Laurell K. HamiltonUF - Anita Blake 19
Changeling MoonDani HarperPNR - Changeling 1
Year's Best SF 16David G. Hartwell &
Kathryn Cramer (eds.)
SF - Anthology
The Outlaw Viking**Sandra HillPNR - Viking Series I
MigrationJames P. HoganSF
Damned BustersMatthew HughesF - Hell & Back Trilogy 1
Dead of the DeltaStacey JayUF
My Dangerous PleasureCarolyn JewelPNR - My Immortal 4
Queen of the DeadStacey KadeYA - Ghost & Goth 2
TimecasterJoe KimballSF
The Skin Map****Stephen R. LawheadF - Bright Empires 1
The Sword & The Flame**Stephen R. LawheadYA - Dragon King 2
The Warlords of Nin**Stephen R. LawheadYA - Dragon King 3
In the Hall of the Dragon King**Stephen R. LawheadYA - Dragon King 1
The Sword of DarrowAlex & Hal MalchowYA
The Last Twilight**Marjorie M. LiuUF - Dirk & Steele 7
The Fly-By-NightsBrian LumleyH
Sinful MagicJennifer LyonPNR - Wing Slayer Hunter 4
DesdaemonaBen MacallanUF
The Darkness BeyondAlexis MorganPNR - Paladins of Darkness 8
Concrete SaviourYvonne NavarroUF - Dark Redemption 2
Deadly Dreams**Andre NortonSF
Mr. PyeMervyn PeakeF
The BreakingMarcus PelegrimasUF - Skinners 5
The Neon GraveyardVicki PetterssonUF - Sign of the Zodiac 6
Vampire WarlordsAndy RemicF - Clockwork Vampire 3
Terminal World****Alastair ReynoldsSF
The Reluctant VampireLynsay SandsPNR - Argeneau 15
Kiss of SnowNalini SinghPNR - Psy-Changelings 10
RevenantPhaedra WeldonUF - Zoe Martinique 4
The Midnight PalaceCarlos Ruiz ZafonYA

June 1, 2011

The Map of All Things**Kevin J. AndersonEF - Terra Incognita 2
Demons Prefers BlondesSidney AyersPNR -Demons Unleashed 1
CascadeLisa T. BergrenYA - River of Time 2
VirginCheryl BrooksSFER - Cat Star Chronicle 7
The Vampire StalkerAllison Van DiepanYA
Stone and ShadowsElizabeth EdmondsonF
Gift of the BoudaRichard FarnsworthH
The Circus of Dr. Lao**Charles G. FinneyF
The Lost HeiressCatherine FisherF - Relic Masters 2
The Eternal SeaAngie FrazierYA - Camille Rowan 2
By Rocket to the Moon**Otto Willi GailSF
DeadlineMira GrantSF - Newsflesh Trilogy 2
The Ghost and Miss DeMure**Melanie JacksonPNR
Embrace the NightCrystal JordanPER - Night 1
Shadow Touch***Erin KellisonPNR - Shadow Novella
Hidden by Blood***Laurie LondonPNR - Sweetblood Novella
Nina in UtopiaMiranda MillerTTR
Degrees of FreedomSimon MordenSF -Metrozone 3
The Song of the SilvercadesK.S. NikakisEF - Kira Chronicles 2
Wish I Might****Coleen Murtagh ParatoreYA - Willa 2
OrderaKirsi SalonenEF
Heart of the Highland WolfTerry SpearPNR - Werewolf 7
Empire of Fear**Brian StablefordH - Epic Vampir
Ashes, AshesJo TreggiariYA
Eternal HeartsJennifer TurnerPNR - Darkness Within 2
Perfect Shadow***Brent WeeksF - Night Angel Novella

June 2, 2011

Moondance of StonewyldeKit BerryYA - Stonewylde 2
Claire DeWitt and the City of the DeadSara GranM - Claire DeWitt 1
The Deadliest BiteJennifer RardinUF - Jaz Parks 8
City of the SnakesDarren ShanUF - City Trilogy 3

* 2011 Debut Author Challenge Novel
** Reprint or Reissue
*** E-book
**** Trade Paperback or Mass Market Paperback Release of Hardcover

EF - Epic Fantasy
F - Fantasy
H - Horror
HF - Historical Fantasy
M - Mystery
PER - Paranormal Erotic Romance
PNR - Paranormal Romance
SF - Science Fiction
SFER - Science Fiction Erotic Romance
ST - Supernatural Thriller
TTR - Time Travel Romance
UF - Urban Fantasy
YA - Young Adult

Anthology covers

Book Trailers

Starcrossed by Joseph Angelini

Wicked Lies by Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush

Immanuel's Veins by Ted Dekker

Demon by Kate Douglas

Dead on the Delta by Stacey Jay

The Skin Map by Stephen R. Lawhead (for hardcover release)

Vampire Warlords by Andy Remic

The Midnight Palace by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Demons Prefer Blondes by Sidney Ayers

Cascade by Lisa T. Bergren

The Vampire Stalker by Allison Van Diepan


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