Monday, May 09, 2011

Shaedes of Gray by Amanda Bonilla - Cover - May 9, 2011

Amanda Bonilla's debut novel, Shaedes of Gray (Shaede Assassin 1) will be published in December 2011.  Here is the gorgeous cover and the official back of cover blurb.

In the shadows of the night, Darian has lived alone for almost a century. Made and abandoned by her former love, Darian is the last of her kind—an immortal Shaede who can slip into darkness as easily as breathing. With no one else to rely on, she has taught herself how to survive, using her unique skills to become a deadly assassin.

Darian finds herself struggling to keep her employer Tyler at arm’s length, especially since his seductive smile makes her want to break her rules about love. The work he offers is necessary to protect the innocent—and a welcome distraction. But when Darian’s next mark turns out to be Xander Peck, King of the Shaede Nation, her whole worldview is thrown into question. Darian begins to wonder if she’s taken on more than her conscience will allow, but a good assassin never leaves a job unfinished…

Amanda is participating in the 2011 Debut Author Challenge so look for an interview with Amanda later this year!


  1. Thanks so much for showing off my cover! :) The artist did an amazing job and captured how I see Darian perfectly!

  2. My pleasure, Amanda. It's such a beautiful cover!

  3. Gorgeous cover, and the story seems amazing!