Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday Comics on Thursday - April 21, 2011

I didn't pick up many comics this week. However, the guys at the comic store know of my love of all things Lovecraft and stuck a couple of older Lovecraft comics in  my folder.

The new comic I picked up this week is from Dynamite Entertainment.

Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson: Moon Called #5. I love this cover.

Mercy Thompson is a walker, a last-of-her-kind being who transforms magically into a coyote at. Living between the dark world of werewolves, vampires, and fae and the daylight world of humans, she walks her own solitary path, seeking only peace.

But now everything she loves is under attack by a baffling conspiracy. Friends have been kidnapped, captured, and killed.

Out-numbered, out-muscled and out of time, there is just one thing Mercy knows for certain.

She is going to stop them. Dynamite Entertainment

The Lovecraft comics placed in my folder are from Adventure Comics. They were published in the early 1990s. They look great. I received a limited edition copy of Issue 1 and and a copy of Issue 3. I've purchased Issue 1 (regular), Issue 2 and Issue 4 from eBay. I'll scan them when they arrive and share them.

Here are scans of the covers of the two issues that I have:

The Lurking Fear

The Tomb

Issue 2 is Beyond the Wall of Sleep.  Issue 4 is The Alchemist.

The Lurking Fear was written in 1922 and The Tomb in 1917. Beyond the Wall of Sleep was written in 1919. The Alchemist was written in 1908. You can read Lovecraft's stories by clicking on the name, if you are so inclined.


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