Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wednesday Comics on Thursday - April 14, 2011

Today I'm going to feature the covers for 3 comics that are based on stories or story ideas.

DC Comics

Doc Savage first appeared in Doc Savage Magazine in the early 1930s. I've never seen the magazines, but I did read all the novels from Bantam Books from the 1960s and 1970s. You can what appears to be a comprehensive list of the magazine and books at

This comic has been canceled.

Doc Savage #13 - Cover: J.G. Jones
It's the start of "Raise The Khan," a globetrotting six-issue arc written by artist (and Doc Savage fan) extraordinaire J.G. Jones! When is a mummy not a mummy? When it's neither dead nor Egyptian, for starters. So what was a nearly unstoppable bruiser in bandages doing attacking the Egyptian wing of the Met in New York, and taking Johnny hostage on the streets of Cairo? DC Comics

Dean Koontz's Nevermore comes to comics.
"My original intention was to write NEVERMORE as a novel, and I still might do that one day," explains author Dean Koontz. "In the meantime, it is great fun for me to watch Keith Champagne, Leno Carvalho, Darick Robertson, and Tyler Walpole bring the concept to life so brilliantly." Press Release
There will be six issues. There are 6 covers for Issue 1: 3 regular, 2 Retailer Incentive covers, and a variant from Dynamic Forces.  Here are the 3 regular covers and their artists.

Cover A - Darick Robertson (50%)

Cover B - Tyler Walpole (25%)

Cover C - Leno Carvalho
From the moment they first met, Bobby Godric and Nora Watson were meant only for each other. Together, the two built an empire from their true love and hard work. Young, brilliant, and wealthy, the entire world was open to them until fate cruelly intervened, and Nora died suddenly.

Bobby Godric won't take the loss of his soulmate lying down.

Backed by a team of brilliant minds, Bobby invents Project: Nevermore, a way to travel to parallel worlds, searching among infinite earths for an exact, duplicate version of the love of his life. But when his travels attract the attention of THE HYDRA, an alien race conquering every Earth they can find, Bobby finds himself drawn into an ancient war he never dreamt existed, fighting to save humanity from a threat on the verge of extinguishing mankind forever.

All for the sake of love. Dynamite Entertainment

Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World #9

Cover: Andie Tong
In the latest chapter of this thrilling adaptation of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, Egwene and Moiraine discuss more while Rand eavesdrops, hoping not to be caught by the Aes Sedai, and the travelers end the first leg of their journey at the city of Baerlon. Put up at the Stag and Lion, they're allowed a moment to catch their breath, enjoy a hot bath, and a hot meal. With Lan continually reminding them that they can trust no one, will Rand even be able to find peace in sleep? Discover the answer in the Eye of the World! Dynamite Entertainment

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  1. The Eye of the World is a detailed and thrilling beginning to the Wheel of Time series. I tried to start the series a while ago but stopped because of the slow start. Then, last year, I picked it up again. I read through the first, second, and third in no time. I am currently reading the Fires of Heaven. The Eye of the World starts off in the town of Emonds Field in a nation called Andor. Rand Al'Thor and some of his friends are pulled into an adventure involving the whole world against the Dark One, resembling Satan, and his minions.