Thursday, November 04, 2010

Wednesday Comics on Thursday - November 4, 2010

Yesterday was a light comics day for me, but I do have a few favorties to share.

Antarctic Press

Enter the Zombie #1

A talented but impatient young Shaolin monk seeks out a forbidden chamber at his school, eager to gain instant martial arts mastery. Disobeying his master, he disturbs the chamber and inadvertently unleashes evil, undead spirits who possess everyone else in the temple, turning them into a legion of kung fu zombies! Now the foolish student must fight his way through the walking—and punching, kicking and blocking—undead to defeat their leader and free his teacher...if he can! Antarctic Press

Avatar Press
Neonomicon, No. 2 Auxiliary
Series artist Jacen Burrows serves up this horrific EC cover homage! This special edition first printing is limited to just 2000 copies and is available for the original cover price! Avatar Shop

Dark Horse Comics
Baltimore: The Plague Ships, #4 of 5

While hunting the vampire responsible for the death of his family, Lord Baltimore gets stranded on a haunted island, where horrible fungus spores cover the beaches and rotting corpses don't stay dead.

* Based on the novel by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden. Dark Horse

Dynamite Entertainment

Patrica Brigg's Mercy Thompson: Moon Called #2

Coyote shape-shifter Mercy Thompson has just killed a raging werewolf in hand-to-hand - or is it fang-to-claw? - combat. But now new dangers come from all directions. The dead wolf's friends, the local wolf pack, even the boy she fought to save are all closing in.

Can Mercy survive long enough to get to the bottom of a mind-boggling mystery...or has she bitten off more than she can chew?

Mercy Thompson: Moon Called volume 1 #2, continues our adaptation of Patricia Brigg's first best-selling Mercy Thompson novel. Supervised personally by the author, it's sure to thrill old fans and new!

Dynamite Entertainment


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