Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NOOKcolor - November 23, 2010

I ordered my NOOKcolor via my local Barnes & Noble. Just called them up and placed an order. No deposit required. I was told that it would be available on November 26, 2010. They would call when it was in. Yesterday, 4 days earlier than expected, I received the call that my NOOKcolor had arrived. While I had 2 days to pick it up, I went to get it more or less immediately.

Here are the unboxing photos.

NOOKcolor box, cover, and anti-glare screen film kit

The box opens at the bottom to reveal the NOOKcolor and the accessories

My first look at the NOOKcolor in its protective packing sleeve
(that's me taking the photo in the reflection)

Still unwrapped NOOKcolor with its accessories. The accessories are a wall charger and a USB cable that is used both to charge the NOOKcolor by plugging into the wall charger and to connect to a computer. A quick start guide is also included.

My NOOKcolor in its cover.

"Choose an author as you choose a friend." - Christopher Wren

The NOOKcolor has to be charged before first use. When it's plugged in a video starts that welcomes you to the NOOKcolor and explains some of the features and helps you through initial setup. I connected to both my B&N account and my home WiFi network easily, which is necessary to register the NOOKcolor.

My NOOKcolor was fully charged quickly. My guess is that is was almost fully charged when I received it. I had no trouble navigating and found it highly intuitive. I was able to move Adobe Digital Edition (ADE) books to it with ease via the USB connection to my laptop. I'd read about some issues with ADE. I had no problems. I have not tried emailing myself a book to add it to my files. So far my experience with the NOOKcolor has been excellent. the screen is crisp and navigation is easy. I'll write more when I've used it for a while. I still need to purchase a microSDHC card for it. The NOOKcolor can use up to a 32GB card. Each GB holds approximately 1,000 books. That would be approximately 32,000 books. Can you say 'Nirvana?"


  1. Oh, now I WANT! Of course 'real' paper books will always be #1, but the yearnings for an ereader just keep growing & growing. (Reading through the various iPhone apps just ain't doing it for me.)

  2. Hi, Synde. I do love it so far. I've always leaned toward the Nook, but the NOOKcolor sealed the deal.

  3. Rissatoo - Paper books are #1 for me too, but I'm going to use this for review copies and books I might otherwise not buy like Trade Paperbacks. I can also check out new authors this way too. Go look at one and then deicide. That's how I did it!

  4. Oh it's pretty! Sadly, no Nooks in Canada not like I am even considering it. My Sony isn't even a year old yet! LOL

  5. Ohh and don't forget to sign up for NetGalley!

  6. WickedLilPixie - the ADE books are from NetGalley! I was reading them on my laptop before yesterday. :)

  7. Oh purty! I hope you really enjoy it. I'm so sad, I think I want one of every type of ereader there is out there. I just need to be happy with my Sony! lol

  8. Loving the grey! I hate how big my ipad is sometimes, this looks perfect. (im seldom happy with my lot in life) :P


  9. My old Nook broke last night with the new software update and when they told me they would have me send it in and send me another one in it's place I asked if I could upgrade to the NookColor instead and the man said no! :(
    I hope you enjoy yours though.