Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dear Local Bookstores & Qwill's Qwestion - November 30, 2010

I was going to vlog about today's new releases, but will wait until tomorrow so that I can also include the December 1, 2010 releases. Instead I am going to write to my two local bookstores. There are no bookstores in my little town. In 2 of the towns that border my town there is a Borders and a Barnes & Noble. They are not in the same town. One is east of my town, one is west.  I'd like to address each of them separately.

Dear Local B&N,

Thank you for having most of the new releases on the shelves on new release day. I appreciate it. I really do. I also like how I can check to see if a book is in stock at your store via my computer early in the morning on release day. With new release list in hand I can check off what you have before I head to the store. However, when you tell me that you have a new release at your store, I do expect it to be on the shelves. I don't want to spend 30 minutes hunting around the store with you and then be told that the 3 copies your computer tells you that you have must be a mistake. Possibly it's been mis-shelved because your computer system in not usually wrong.

I like that you have New Release shelves! However, you have books on the new release shelves that are not exactly new releases. Stop facing out so many books in the new release sections. I know that most of them are not new releases and you do too. I imagine we define "new release" differently. This is especially a problem in the Romance section where you have rows and rows of out facing new releases. They take up more room so that it looks like you have a lot of books there, but, really, you don't. Also why do the teens get a Paranormal Romance section and I don't?

I just bought a NOOKcolor. Please let my B&N membership discount apply to Mass Market ebooks. Just a suggestion.

All in all, B&N, you do a pretty good job of having the books that I want when I want them. Your staff is pleasant and knowledgeable. Thank you.




Dear Local Borders,

Oh boy. Where to start. First of all I can rarely check to see if you have a book in your store from my computer on release day morning. It does not surprise me because you rarely have the new releases on the shelves on release day morning. They are often still in the back of the store. That's not fair to me or the authors. In my mind you have an obligation to have new releases on the shelves on release day when your doors open. B&N opens an hour earlier and they have the books out on the shelves and their online information updated. What's the point of having a release DAY if I can't find the book when I come into the store? Yes, I know not everyone must have a book on release day. I'm weird like that. I do appreciate the offer that if I drop off a list ahead of time, the new releases that you have will be pulled for me. That's incredibly nice, but it should not have to be that way.

Your in store computer system is really nice. I like being able to look up books by myself. Other bookstores should allow that also! I do have one complaint about your online information. I can't stand the "likely in store" status that you use. The book is either in the store or it's not. I imagine it's a software issue. Your sales are not updated immediately so you don't know if a book is really there or not. Fix that so you don't appear so mamby pamby. I know it allows you to hedge. "Likely" does  not mean "certainly" so if it's not really there you've got an out. I prefer B&N's "In Stock" to your "likely in store."

Finally, please be better about getting in the new releases that you are supposed to have. I called about a new release this morning. You told me that the book was "In Transit" so you've no idea when the book will actually arrive. Again, your software needs to be fixed. You should know what you have and when it will be in your store on a real time basis.

Other than that I can't complain. Your staff is friendly and as helpful as they can be. Your store is beautiful. Your new Borders Rewards Plus card is awesome. Your café has the best hot chocolate ever! Thank you.




Qwill's Qwestion: How does your local bookstore stack up? Any pet peeves? Any suggestions?


  1. You could try calling the Borders if it says "likely in store" OH WAIT, they never pick up the phone (at least at my store)and so you have to drive to the store and see if it is likely there or not lol.

    But the coupons are better then B&N...

  2. There is both a Borders and a B&N at the nearby mall (3 miles), however, one is IN the mall (though admittedly it does also have an outside entrance), and the other is detached (but still on mall property). Guess which one I love more?
    Borders is the clear winner. Not only is it more peaceful without the in-mall hustle & bustle, it has the nicest, friendliest, most helpful staff - both in the store proper and the cafe, the best chai, cocoa, cookies & coffee, and the most comfy chairs! I love my Borders! :)