Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sea Lion Books Announces Acquisition - Richard A. Knaak's Dragon Mound

Sea Lion Books has announced that it has acquired the novel rights to Richard A. Knaak's Dragon Mound, which will be published next year.

Here is the Press Release:


Richard A. Knaak



Sea Lion Books to publish Richard A. Knaak’s original novel “Dragon Mound”, the first book in a new fantasy trilogy.

ATLANTA, GA – (November 30, 2010) – Sea Lion Books announces the acquisition of the novel rights to Richard A. Knaak’s Dragon Mound. This first book of the Knight in Shadow trilogy is scheduled for publication in the Summer of 2011. Richard A. Knaak is the renowned author of and/or contributor to several acclaimed series including; Dragonlance, The Dragonrealm, The Age of Conan, and many WarCraft novels.

In Dragon Mound, the first novel in his new series, two hundred years ago three kingdoms united under the wizard Paulo Centuros to end the dark reign of the sorcerer-king, Novaris. The kingdoms won the hard fought battle, yet the war was not over. A search of the battlefield revealed the dark sorcerer has escaped his justice. Until Novaris is truly destroyed, “even dragons may not rest easy in the forests surrounding the battlefield.” The wizard dispatches the knight Evan Wytherling to find Novaris. His quest brings him full-circle to the battle that began his epic quest. But vengeance is the sword of the dark sorcerer and though centuries have passed, the legacy of his dark power still threatens to sweep over the three kingdoms.

Publication of this series has been a project Mr. Knaak has been plotting for awhile. “This has been a favored project of mine, a tale I’ve looked forward to telling.” Dragon Mound will be followed by Wake of the Wyrm and The Twilight Throne, both are tentative titles. Rich with characters, and fascinating worlds, Dragon Mound is ripe with betrayal, vengeance and a myriad of paths leading to the truth.

“We are extremely thrilled to have the opportunity to bring Richard A. Knaak’s Knight in Shadow Series to life,” said Derek Ruiz, Executive Vice President, and Publisher of Sea Lion Books. Our partnership with Richard is another step in the right direction for Sea Lion Books with our continued desire to bring the best of the best to the book and graphic novel market.

Richard A. Knaak was born in Chicago, Illinois. Today he divides his time between Chicago and Arkansas. After graduating from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor’s Degree in Rhetoric he discovered the books of authors Andre Norton, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Roger Zelazny. That discovery prompted him to read more books in this exciting genre and in 1987 his first work was published. Since then, Mr. Knaak has written a vast body of work. Best known for his Dragonrealm, Dragonlance and World of WarCraft books, he has also penned numerous short stories, anthologies, and stand alone novels. His latest novel, World of Warcraft: Stormrage, was released n 2010 and became a national bestseller. Mr. Knaak’s books have been translated into over a dozen languages. Additional information on Richard A. Knaak can be found at his website: http://www.richardaknaak.com/.

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Sea Lion Books LLC is a newly established publishing house which specializes in all formats—hardcover, trade paperback, and mass market and in urban fantasy and young adult genres. Sea Lion Books LLC recent roster of authors include: International Bestselling author, Paulo Coelho, New York Times Bestselling authors, P.C. Cast, Richelle Mead and Richard A. Knaak plus more to be announced in the upcoming months. Contact David Dabel at 770-696-3452 or David@sealionbooks.com You can visit Sea Lion Books on the Internet at: http://www.sealionbooks.com/


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