Friday, November 26, 2010

Photo Friday - Food Traditions - November 26, 2010

Another Thanksgiving is over. Thankfully I made a huge turkey so we'll be enjoying turkey sandwiches and leftovers for a while. Part of this year's Thanksgiving for me was passing on some recipes to my children, I showed my daughter how to make my Mom's chestnut stuffing. My son made the veggies. It's a recipe I found a few years ago that has become a Thanksgiving staple for us. Oddly, he likes to make the dish but will not eat vegetables. My daughter made the Cranberry-Ginger Chutney for the first time while I watched and took photos. She did an excellent job.

The ingredients

Cranberries in the pot

Dried apricots - quartered

Brown sugar

Cranberries, apricots, and brown sugar in the pot


Minced ginger and cranberry juice

Almost everything in the pot


The finished Chutney cooling

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