Tuesday, September 01, 2020

September 2020 Releases

Here is The Qwillery's list of novels, etc. being published in September 2020. If there is something that we've missed, please leave a comment below. Any genre mistakes are ours. Leave a comment below if you feel that the genre is wrong. Also note that this list is always under revision. Publication dates change. We try to keep this as accurate as possible. Please note that we use the publisher's publication date in the US. Check The View From Monday each week for each week's updated release list.

Debut novels are highlighted in blue. Novels, etc. by formerly featured DAC Authors are highlighted in green.

September 1, 2020
Knight Watch Tim Akers F
The End of Eternity (ri) Isaac Asimov SF/HSF/SO/Classics
Pebble in the Sky (ri) Isaac Asimov SF/HSF/SO/Classics - Galactic Empire 3
The Currents of Space (ri) Isaac Asimov SF/HSF/SO/Classics - Galactic Empire 2
The Stars, Like Dust (ri) Isaac Asimov SF/HSF/SO/Classics - Galactic Empire 1
The Way Out Armond Boudreaux SFTh/GenEng - Forbidden Minds 1
Clay's Ark (ri) Octavia E. Butler SF/AP/PA/AC/DF - Patternist 3
Destroyer of Worlds Larry Correia F - Saga of the Forgotten Warrior 3
Dark Song Christine Feehan PNR/DF - A Carpathian Novel 34
This Alien Shore (ri) C.S. Friedman SF/SO/AC
grotesquerie Richard Gavin H - Collection
The World That We Knew (h2tp) Alice Hoffman LF
Grave Secrets (D) Alice James Cr - The Lavington Windsor Mysteries 1
Night of the Mannequins Stephen Graham Jones H/DF
Farsight: Empire of Lies Phil Kelly SF - Warhammer 40,000
The Institute (h2tp) Stephen King Th/Sus
Oaths and Conquests William King F - Warhammer: Age of Sigmar
The Four Profound Weaves (D) R.B. Lemberg DF/Transgender/FairyT/FolkT/LM/HistF
Firefly - The Magnificent Nine (h2tp) James Lovegrove MTI/SF/SO
A Dance with Fate Juliet Marillier HistF/RF - Warrior Bards 2
Wild Cards XI: Dealer's Choice: Book Three of the Rox Triad George R. R. Martin SH/SF - Wild Cards 11
A Killing Frost Seanan McGuire UF/CF/P - October Daye 14
The Bad Box Carlton Mellick III H
Sharks of the Wasteland Gwendolyn Nix F - The Cataclysm Cycle
The Afflictions Vikram Paralkar Med/MR
The Somebody People Bob Proehl SF/LF/Dys - The Resonant Duology 2
The Residence Andrew Pyper H
There Will Be Dragons (ri) John Ringo SF - Council Wars 1
Haunted Japan: Exploring the World of Japanese Yokai, Ghosts and the Paranormal Catrien Ross Folklore/GH
Set My Heart to Five (D) Simon Stephenson LF/Dys/SF/HU
Road Out of Winter Alison Stine SF/AP/PA/LF/Dys
Reclaiming Quinn Parker Williams PNR - The Wolves of Lydon 2
Watchers of the Throne: The Regent's Shadow Chris Wraight SF/SO - Warhammer 40,000
Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy Timothy Zahn SF/SO/MTI - Star Wars: The Ascendancy Trilogy 1

September 2, 2020
Wait for Night: A Tor.com Original (e) Stephen Graham Jones H

September 8, 2020
Apocalypse Yesterday Brock Adams SF/AP/PA/Dys/Occ/Sup
The Sentient (D) Nadia Afifi SF/GenEng - Fiction Without Frontiers
Second Chance Angel Griffin Barber
Kacey Ezell
SF - Last Stop Station 1
The Mythos War Trilogy: Red Right Hand, Black Goat Blues, Death Goddess Dance (e) Levi Black DF/H - The Mythos War
Checked Out for Murder Allison Brook PCM - A Haunted Library Mystery 4
Sunspot Jungle: Volume Two: The Ever Expanding Universe of Fantasy and Science Fiction Bill Campbell (Ed) SF/F/H - Anthology
Divergence C. J. Cherryh SF/AC/SO/SE - Foreigner Universe 21
Little Darlings (h2tp) Melanie Golding SupTh/FairyT/FolkT/LM/PP
Afterlife Crisis Randal Graham F/HU/SF - The Beforelife Stories 2
Master of Poisons Andrea Hairston F
Captain Moxley and the Embers of the Empire (D) Dan Hanks F/HistF
The Ghost Tree Christina Henry H/DF/HistF
Full Throttle: Stories (h2tp) Joe Hill SS
Sanctuary V. V. James Cr/Occ/Sup/SupTh/CW/STR
The Raven Jonathan Janz H - Fiction Without Frontiers
It Will Just Be Us Jo Kaplan H/SupTh
Cypher Rich Larson SF/AC/AP/PA - Violet Wars 2
Supernova Era (h2tp) Cixin Liu
Joel Martinsen (Tr)
Architects of Memory (D) Karen Osborne SF/SO/AC - The Memory War 1
The Invention of Sound Chuck Palahniuk H/Occ/Sup/LF/Cr/Noir
The Phlebotomist (D) Chris Panatier SF/AP/PA/DF
Misfits Hunter Shea H - Fiction Without Frontiers
The Bone Shard Daughter (D) Andrea Stewart F/HistF - Drowning Empire 1
The Year's Best Science Fiction Vol. 1: The Saga Anthology of Science Fiction 2020 Jonathan Strahan SF - Anthology
Ghost Story (ri) Peter Straub H/Sus/LF
Fearless Allen Stroud SF - Fiction Without Frontiers
Prime Deceptions Valerie Valdes SF/SO - Chilling Effect 2
Shadows in Summerland (e)(ri) Adrian Van Young Occ/HistTh/SupTh
A Snake Lies Waiting: The Definitive Edition Jin Yong
Anna Holmwood (Tr)
F/HistF - Legends of the Condor Heroes 3

September 14, 2020
Fire Study (e)(ri) Maria V. Snyder GothicR - The Chronicles of Ixia 3

September 15, 2020
The Trouble with Peace Joe Abercrombie F/DF - Age of Madness 2
It Came from the Multiplex: 80s Midnight Chillers Joshua Viola (Ed) H - Anthology
Turning Darkness Into Light (h2tp) Marie Brennan HistF
The Trials of Koli M. R. Carey SF/AP/PA/Dys/LF - Rampart Trilogy 2
The Remaking (h2tp) Clay Chapman H/SupTh/Occ/Sup
The Scapegracers (D) Hannah Abigail Clarke F - The Scapegracers 1
Piranesi Susanna Clarke LF/F/DF
Return of the Wizard King Chad Corrie F - Wizard King 1
Chance of a Lifetime Jude Deveraux
Tara Sheets
CW/TTR/MR/HistR - Providence Falls 1
The Orphan of Cemetery Hill Hester Fox GothicR/GH
The Strawberry Thief (h2tp) Joanne Harris LF/MR
The Hellion S. A. Hunt H/CF - Malus Domestica 3
The Cipher (ri) Kathe Koja H/DF
Crown of Darkness Bec McMaster RF - Dark Court Rising 2
Only the Devil Is Here (h2tp) Stephen Michell Occ
After the Flood (h2tp) Kassandra Montag CW/Dys
Cursed Objects: Strange but True Stories of the World's Most Infamous Items J. W. Ocker Reference
To Sleep in a Sea of Stars (D - Adult) Christopher Paolini SF/SO/AC
The Forgotten Kingdom Signe Pike Hist - The Lost Queen 2
Restoration Angela Slatter UF/P/Cr - Verity Fassbinder
Saints Nicholas Sansbury Smith SF/AP/PA - Sons of War 2
Unnatural Life Erin K Wagner SF
The Moonlit World Edward Willett F/UF - Worldshapers 3
Entanglements: Tomorrow's Lovers, Families, and Friends Sheila Williams (Ed) SF - Anthology

September 22, 2020
Dead Man in a Ditch Luke Arnold F/UF - Fetch Phillips Archives 2
Hilldiggers: A Novel of the Polity (ri) Neal Asher SF/SP
Dracula's Child J.S. Barnes H/Occ/Sup/HistM
The Girl with No Face (h2mm) M. H. Boroson UF - The Daoshi Chronicles 2
Daughters of the Wild (D - Adult) Natalka Burian CoA/FL/MR/CW
A Small Fiction James Miller SS
The Peace Machine (D - English) Özgür Mumcu
Mark David Myers (Tr)
Sweet Harmony (e) Claire North P/Sus
Seventh Perfection Daniel Polansky F
The Resurrection of Fulgencio Ramirez Rudy Ruiz MR
The Doors of Eden Adrian Tchaikovsky SF/GenEng
And the Last Trump Shall Sound: A Future History of America Harry Turtledove
James Morrow
Cat Rambo
AH/Satire/SF - Anthology
Fauna Christiane Vadnais
Pablo Strauss (Tr)
Rolling Thunder John Varley SF/HSF - The Thunder and Lightning 3
The John Varley Reader: Thirty Years of Short Fiction (e)(ri) John Varley SF - Collection
Mammoth (e)(ri) John Varley SF/TT/Sus
Red Lightning (e)(ri) John Varley SF/HSF - The Thunder and Lightning 2
Red Thunder (e)(ri) John Varley SF/HSF - The Thunder and Lightning 1
The Thunder and Lightning Series (e)(ri) John Varley SF/HSF - The Thunder and Lightning
The Ikessar Falcon K. S. Villoso F - Chronicles of the Bitch Queen 2
Hench (D) Natalie Zina Walschots Fiction
The Murderbot Diaries: All Systems Red, Artificial Condition, Rogue Protocol, Exit Strategy Martha Wells SF - Murderbot Diaries
The Immortal Words Jeff Wheeler F - Grave Kingdom 3
Shapers of Worlds: Science fiction & fantasy by authors featured on the Aurora Award-winning podcast The Worldshapers (e) Edward Willett (Ed) SF/F - Anthology

September 23, 2020
The Cthulhu Stories of Robert E. Howard Robert E. Howard H - Collection
The Perfection of Theresa Watkins: A Tor.com Original (e) Justin C. Key SF
The Chrysalids (e) John Wyndham SF

September 29, 2020
Tricky Treats: Halloween Delights for Appetizers, Snacks, Dinner, and Dessert! Vincent Amiel Cooking
God of War - The Official Novelization (tp2mm) J.M. Barlog MTI/F
A Witch to Remember Heather Blake PCM - A Wishcraft Mystery 9
The Cabin on Souder Hill Lonnie Busch Th
Battle Ground Jim Butcher UF - Dresden Files17
The Cunning Man D.J. Butler
Aaron Michael Ritchey
Bestiary (D) K-Ming Chang LF/MR/Asian American
The Nesting C. J. Cooke SupTh/H/CW
Target Rich Environment, Volume 2 (h2mm) Larry Correia F - Collection
The Gossamer Mage (h2tp) Julie E. Czerneda F/DF
The Book of Hidden Things (tp2mm) Francesco Dimitri F/LF/DF
Lethal Game (h2mm) Christine Feehan R/PNR - GhostWalker 16
The Constant Rabbit Jasper Fforde CF/HU/F
1636: The China Venture (h2mm) Eric Flint
Iver P. Cooper
SF/TT - Ring of Fire 27
Uprising Denny Flowers SF/AP/PA - Necromunda
The Dragon Waiting John M. Ford AH/F
The True Bastards (h2tp) Jonathan French F/DF - The Lot Lands 2
Dreaming Death Heather Graham SupTh/Sus/GH/PNR - Krewe of Hunters 32
Forgotten Work Jason Guriel LF/Satire/CyP/Dys
The Midnight Library Matt Haig CW/SF/TT/LF
A Discovery of Witches (ri) Deborah Harkness Occ/Sup/R/Th - All Souls 1
A Blight of Blackwings (h2mm) Kevin Hearne F/P - Seven Kennings 2
Burning Roses S. L. Huang F/FairyT/FolkT/LM
Null Set (h2mm) S. L. Huang SF/TechTh/HU - Cas Russell 2
The Loop Jeremy Robert Johnson SupTh
Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption Stephen King H
The Case of the Spellbound Child (h2mm) Mercedes Lackey HistF/Gaslamp - Elemental Masters 14
Snakeskins (tp2mm) Tim Major SF/TechTh
Mutation Michael McBride SupTh/AC - A Unit 51 Novel
Star Trek: Picard: The Last Best Hope (h2tp) Una McCormack SF - Star Trek: Picard
A Deadly Education Naomi Novik F/CF/CoA - The Scholomance 1
Blue Planet Jane O'Reilly SF/SO/AC/SFR - Second Species Trilogy 3
Night Train (e) David Quantick H/SF/BHU
House of Suns (ri) Alastair Reynolds SF/HSF/SE/SO
Pushing Ice (ri) Alastair Reynolds SF/HSF/SE/SO
Sleep Donation Karen Russell LF/H/VM - Vintage Contemporaries
Clerk Guillermo Saccomanno
Andrea G. Labinger (Tr)
Immortal Angel Lynsay Sands PNR - Argeneau Vampire 31
Fantastic Tales Iginio Ugo Tarchetti
Lawrence Venuti (Tr)
Last Chancers: Armageddon Saint Gav Thorpe SF - Warhammer 40,000
The Sinner (h2mm) J.R. Ward PNR - Black Dagger Brotherhood 18
Mrs. Morris and the Ghost of Christmas Past Traci Wilton PCM - A Salem B&B Mystery 3

September 30, 2020
Edited By Ellen Datlow (Ed) H/SF/SF - Anthology
Dancers in the Dark & Layla Steps Up: The Layla Collection Charlaine Harris UF
The Kraken's Tooth Anthony Ryan F

D - Debut
e - eBook
Ed - Editor
h2mm - Hardcover to Mass Market Paperback
h2tp - Hardcover to Trade Paperback
Ke - Kindle eBook
ri - reissue or reprint
tp2mm - Trade Paperback to Mass Market Paperback
Tr - Translator

AB - Absurdist
AC - Alien Contact
AH - Alternative History
AP - Apocalyptic
CF - Contemporary Fantasy
CoA - Coming of Age
Cr - Crime
CW - Contemporary Women
CyP - CyberPunk
DF - Dark Fantasy
Dys - Dystopian
F - Fantasy
FairyT - Fairy Tales
FL - Family Life
FolkT - Folk Tales
FR - Fantasy Romance
GenEng - Genetic Engineering
GH - Ghost(s)
GothicR - Gothic Romance
H - Horror
HC - History and Criticism
Hist - Historical
HistF - Historical Fantasy
HistM - Historical Mystery
HistR - Historical Romance
HistTh - Historical Thriller
HSF - Hard Science Fiction
HU - Humorous
LC - Literary Criticism
LF - Literary Fiction
LM - Legend and Mythology
M - Mystery
Med - Medical
MR - Magical Realism
MTI - Media Tie-In
Occ - Occult
P - Paranormal
PA - Post Apocalyptic
PCM - Paranormal Cozy Mystery
PNR - Paranormal Romance
Pol - Political
PolTh - Political Thriller
PopCul - Popular Culture
Psy - Psychological
R - Romance
RF - Romantic Fantasy
ScF - Science Fantasy
SE - Space Exploration
SF - Science Fiction
SFR - Science Fiction Romance
SFTh - Science Fiction Thriller
SH - Superheroes
SO - Space Opera
SP - Steampunk
SpecFic - Speculative Fiction
SS - Short Stories
STR - Small Town and Rural
Sup - Supernatural
SupM - Supernatural Mystery
SupTh - Supernatural Thriller
Sus - Suspense
TechTh - Technological Thriller
Th - Thriller
TT - Time Travel
TTR - Time Travel Romance
UF - Urban Fantasy
VM - Visionary and Metaphysical

Note: Not all genres and formats are found in the books, etc. listed above.


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