Friday, April 05, 2019

StoryBundle: Strangers in Strange Lands Bundle

There is a new StoryBundle up: Strangers in Strange Lands Bundle. I love this StoryBundle and not only because it references in its title one of my favorite novels... though it could just be referencing Exodus 2.22! That aside, please check out this wonderful StoryBundle.

The storybundle Strangers in Strange Lands just went live. Curated by author, acclaimed editor, and indie publisher Athena Andreadis and running till April 25, it unveils a panorama of twelve riveting works that reconnoiter a core tenet of science fiction (but also a perennial burning topic in human history and culture) in all its ramifications and flourishes: encountering others.

Science fiction constantly tests the boundaries of these two foundational narratives: what might humans become elsewhere/elsewhen? And what others might we encounter when we leave the safety of our planetary cradle—or even the safety of our comfort zones?

Firmly rooted in the key SFnal theme of the quest to explore and understand the universe, the bundle nevertheless ranges widely across speculative fiction subgenres: space opera, near-future dystopia, far futures with magic-like technology, parallel universes, first contacts. From engineered humans to sentient AIs, from indentured teenagers on Earth to duelists on Mars, from neuter loners to clone group kins, it’s all here! Every entry in this spectacular bundle deserves to become a film directed by someone with the flair of Denis Villeneuve or Alfonso Cuarón.

The Strangers storybundle is dedicated to forerunner Vonda McIntyre, who described strangers in strange lands with mind-bending originality and eloquence.  Fair winds, astrogator.

For $5 (or more), you will get the basic bundle of four books:
  • Necessary Ill by Deb Taber
  • Windhome by Kristin Landon
  • Carve the Sky by Alexander Jablokov
  • Burning the Ice by Laura J. Mixon

For at least the bonus price of just $15, you the 4 books above plus the following 8 books:
  • Forgotten Suns by Judith Tarr
  • The Grasshopper's Child by Gwyneth Jones
  • Hwarhath Stories: Transgressive Tales by Aliens by Eleanor Arnason
  • Wellside by Robin Shortt
  • Unraveling Timelines by Lise Breakey
  • Dreaming Metal by Melissa Scott
  • Ambiguity Machines and Other Stories by Vandana Singh
  • The Last Outpost and Other Tales by Z.S. Adani


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