Monday, May 18, 2015

The View From Monday - May 18, 2015

Happy Monday! There are 5 debuts this week:

The Well by Catherine Chanter;

The Choosing (Seer 1) by Rachelle Dekker;

Disclaimer by Renée Knight;

The Gracekeepers by Kirsty Logan;


When the Heavens Fall (The Chronicles of the Exile 1) by Marc Turner.

And from formerly featured Debut Author Challenge authors:

Two Tales of the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne;

Radiant State (The Wolfhound Century 3) by Peter Higgins;

Talking Dirty (Pax Arcana) by Elliott James;


Eighth Grave After Dark (Charley Davidson 8) by Darynda Jones.

May 18, 2015
Phantom Quartz (Ke) Barbra Annino PM - Stacy Justice Witch Mystery 6
Krewe of Hunters Series Volume 3: The Night Is Watching\The Night Is Alive\The Night Is Forever (e) Heather Graham PNR - Krewe of Hunters
Two Tales of the Iron Druid Chronicles (Ke) Kevin Hearne UF - Iron Druid

May 19, 2015
Hothouse (e)(ri) Brian W. Aldiss SF
Enemies of the System (e)(ri) Brian W. Aldiss SF
An Island Called Moreau (e)(ri) Brian W. Aldiss SF
Report on Probability A (e)(ri) Brian W. Aldiss SF
Dracula Unbound (e)(ri) Brian W. Aldiss SF
The Malacia Tapestry (e)(ri) Brian W. Aldiss SF
The Saliva Tree and Other Strange Growths (e)(ri) Brian W. Aldiss SF - Collection
Super-State: A Novel of a Future Europe (e)(ri) Brian W. Aldiss SF
White Mars; or, The Mind Set Free: A 21st-Century Utopia (e)(ri) Brian W. Aldiss
Roger Penrose
Frankenstein Unbound (e)(ri) Brian W. Aldiss SF
Unbearable Desire (e) Vivi Andrews PNR - Lone Pine Pride 4
The Scarlet Gospels Clive Barker H
Sly Mongoose (ri) Tobias S. Buckell SF/SO
The King in Yellow Robert W. Chambers GN/SF
The Well (D) Catherine Chanter Sus/Ap
Against a Darkening Sky Lauren B. Davis HistF
The Choosing (D) Rachelle Dekker Dys/PA - Seer 1
The Hanged Man P. N. Elrod SP/M - On Her Majesty's Psychic Service 1
Radiant State Peter Higgins F - The Wolfhound Century 3
Talking Dirty (e) Elliott James CF - Pax Arcana
Eighth Grave After Dark Darynda Jones PM - Charley Davidson 8
Witches Be Burned (e) Stacey Kennedy PNR - Magic & Mayhem 1
Disclaimer (D) Renée Knight PsyTh
Devil in the Wires (e) Tim Lees CF - Field Ops 2
The Gracekeepers (D) Kirsty Logan LF/Myth/FL
Odin: The Viking Allfather Steven Long F - Myths and Legends 14
Revive Tracey Martin PNR - RedZone 1
Uprooted Naomi Novik F
The Coldest Sea (e) Marian Perera PNR - Eden 5
Dead Shift Richard Phillips SF - The Rho Agenda Inception 3
Hannu Rajaniemi: Collected Fiction Hannu Rajaniemi SF/Ap/PA - Collection
The Geeky Chef Cookbook: Real-Life Recipes for Your Favorite Fantasy Foods - Unofficial Recipes from Doctor Who, Games of Thrones, Harry Potter, and more Cassandra Reeder F - Cookbook
Protective Instinct (e) Katie Reus PNR - Moon Shifter 5.5
Crossfades: A Dystopian Novella (e) William Todd Rose Dys/H
Snatched David Saperstein SF/Ad
Sword of Destiny (e) Andrzej Sapkowski F - Tales of the Witcher Collection
Behind the Eyes of Dreamers: and Other Short Novels (e)(ri) Pamela Sargent SF - Collection
Eye of Flame: Fantasies (e)(ri) Pamela Sargent SF - Collection
The Golden Space (e)(ri) Pamela Sargent SF
The Mountain Cage: and Other Stories (e)(ri) Pamela Sargent SF - Collection
Ever Night (e) Gena Showalter PNR - Novella
Wings of Flame (e)(ri) Nancy Springer F
The Hex Witch of Seldom (e)(ri) Nancy Springer F
Apocalypse (e)(ri) Nancy Springer F
Chains of Gold (e)(ri) Nancy Springer F
Chance: and Other Gestures of the Hand of Fate (e)(ri) Nancy Springer F - Collection
Fair Peril (e)(ri) Nancy Springer F
Plumage (e)(ri) Nancy Springer F
Oceanspace (e)(ri) Allen Steele SF
Clarke County, Space (e)(ri) Allen Steele SF - Near-Space 2
Lunar Descent (e)(ri) Allen Steele SF - Near-Space 3
Time Loves a Hero (e)(ri) Allen Steele SF
Seveneves Neal Stephenson SF/Ap/PA
If You Could See Me Now Peter Straub H
When the Heavens Fall (D) Marc Turner F - The Chronicles of the Exile 1
My Real Children (h2tp) Jo Walton SF
The Shadow of Elysium (e) Django Wexler F - Shadow Campaigns Novella
Use Once, Then Destroy: Stories Conrad Williams H - Collection
In the Distance, and Ahead in Time (e)(ri) George Zebrowski SF - Collection

May 20, 2015
Metropolis (ri) Thea von Harbou SF
Ginga: A Tor.Com Original (e) Daniel José Older UF - Bone Street Rumba

D - Debut
e - eBook
ed - Editor
h2tp - Hardcover to Trade Paperback
Ke - Kindle eBook only
ri - reissue or reprint

Ap - Apocalyptic
CF - Contemporary Fantasy
Dys - Dystopian
F - Fantasy
FL - Folk Lore
GN - Graphic Novel
H - Horror
HistF - Historical Fantasy
LF - Literary Fiction
PA - Post Apocalyptic
PM - Paranormal Mystery
PNR - Paranormal Romance
PsyTh - Psychological Thriller
SF - Science Fiction
SO - Space Opera
SP - Steampunk
UF - Urban Fantasy


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