Monday, August 12, 2013

The View From Monday - August 12, 2013

Happy Monday! August seems to be moving along at steady clip. I'm not getting in as much reading or writing as I'd like as I get my not so small humans ready for school. My youngest keeps growing so it's new clothes/shoes almost constantly. I've asked him to stop, but he says he can't. Kids!

I've started looking at September releases and my preliminary list has over 300 books/eBooks! The actual number should be lower as I confirm publication dates.

You may find a printable PDF of this week's genre releases here.

There is one debut this week: The Daedalus Incident by Michael J. Martinez. Michael just announced that this in now Book 1 of the Daedalus series as he has signed for 2 more books: The Enceladus Crisis (Daedalus 2) will be out in Spring 2014 with a third novel to follow in late 2014.

Elliott James has an eNovella out this week: Charmed I'm Sure.  His debut Charmed (Pax Arcana 1) will be out in September.

And from formerly featured Debut Author Challenge Authors:

Ironskin by Tina Connolly is out in Trade Paperback;

Elysian Fields (Sentinels of New Orleans 3) by Suzanne Johnson;

No Love for the Wicked (Magnolia Kelch 2) by Megan Powell;

A Clockwork Heart (Chronicles of Light and Shadow 2) by Liesel Schwarz

Osiris (The Osiris Project 1) by E.J. Swift is out in Trade Paperback.

August 12, 2013
Midsummer Magick (e) Laura Navarre PHR - Magick Trilogy 2
Time Enough for Love (e) Morgan O'Neill TTR - Italian Time Travel 2
Her Ladyship's Curse (e) Lynn Viehl SP/AH - Disenchanted & Co. Part 1

August 13, 2013
Skies of Gold Zoe Archer SPR -  The Ether Chronicles 5
The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All Laird Barron H/Weird - Short Stories
The Raven Jeremy Bishop H - Jane Harper Horror 2
Kingmaker Christian Cantrell SF
Dark Horizons J.T. Colgan SF - Doctor Who
Ironskin (h2tp) Tina Connolly F/SPR - Ironskin 1
Winds of Salem Melissa de la Cruz F - Beauchamp Family 3
The Eternal Flame (h2tp) Greg Egan SF - Orthogonal 2
Flesh (ri) Philip Jose Farmer SF
The Rise of Ransom City (h2tp) Felix Gilman F - Half-Made World 2
The Mark of Calth Laurie Goulding (ed) F - Horus Heresy Stories
Hunting with Gods M. K. Hume F - The Merlin Prophecy 3
The Broken Ones (h2tp) Stephen M. Irwin SuCrime
Elysian Fields Suzanne Johnson UF - Sentinels of New Orleans 3
The Daedalus Incident (D) Michael J Martinez SF/AH
The Steel Tsar (ri) Michael Moorcock SP - Nomad of the Time Streams 3
Blood of Tyrants Naomi Novik AH/F - Temeraire 8
The Constantine Affliction (h2tp) T. Aaron Payton SP
No Love for the Wicked Megan Powell F - Magnolia Kelch 2
The Last Kiss Goodbye Karen Robards UF - Dr. Charlotte Stone 2
A Clockwork Heart Liesel Schwarz SP/M - Chronicles of Light and Shadow 2
Assault on Sunrise Michael Shea Dys/Th - Extra Trilogy 2
Alien Hunter Whitley Strieber SF
Niceville (h2tp) Carsten Stroud H
Osiris (h2tp) E.J. Swift SF/Dys - Osiris Project 1
Prepare to Die! (h2tp) Paul Tobin F/Superhero

August 14, 2013
Disability in Science Fiction: Representations of Technology as Cure Kathryn Allan (ed) LC
Zombies: Shambling Through the Ages Steve Berman (ed) Z - Anthology

August 15, 2013
Fan Phenomena: Doctor Who Paul Booth (ed) History and Criticism
Fan Phenomena: Batman Liam Burke (ed) History and Criticism
Fan Phenomena: Star Trek Bruce E. Drushel (ed) History and Criticism
Fan Phenomena: Star Trek Mika Elovaara (ed) History and Criticism
Fan Phenomena: Twin Peaks Marisa C. Hayes (ed)
Franck Boulègue (ed)
History and Criticism
Charmed I'm Sure (e) Elliott James UF - Pax Arcana Prequel
Super Stories of Heroes & Villains Claude Lalumière (ed) Anthology
Doctor Who and Race Lindy Orthia (ed) LC
The Treasury of the Fantastic (h2tp) David Sandner (ed)
Jacob Weisman (ed)
The Woman Who Thought She Was a Planet and Other Stories (ri) Vandana Singh SF - Collection
Fan Phenomena: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Jennifer K. Stuller (ed) History and Criticism

August 16, 2013
The Demon's Wife Rick Hautala H/R
William Gibson Gary Westfahl Biography/LC

e - eBook
D - Debut
h2tp - Hardcover to Trade Paperback
ri - reissue or reprint

AH - Alternate History
Dys - Dystopian
F - Fantasy
H - Horror
LC - Literary Criticism
M - Mystery
PHR - Paranormal Historical Romance
R - Romance
SF - Science Fiction
SFR - Science Fiction Romance
SP - Steampunk
SPR - Steampunk Romance
Su - Supernatural
Th - Thriller
TTR - Time Travel Romance
UF - Urban Fantasy
Z - Zombies


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