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ParaCozyMysMo - Michelle Rowen - Immortality Bites Mysteries

Please welcome Michelle Rowen to The Qwillery as part of ParaCozyMysMoBlood Bath & Beyond (An Immortality Bites Mystery 1) is the first book in a new paranormal cozy mystery series featuring Sarah Dearly from Michelle's Immortality Bites series. Blood Bath & Beyond will be published on August 7, 2012.

by Michelle Rowen

August 7th is an important and exciting date for me. It’s the release date for BLOOD BATH & BEYOND, the FIRST BOOK in my new Immortality Bites Mysteries series!

This book is about a fledgling vampire named Sarah Dearly who is swept up in her fiancé’s dangerous new job investigating cases for the vampire council. BB&B marks Sarah’s debut into this fantastic genre.

However, Sarah has been around for a while. From 2006-2009 she starred in four out of five of the books in my paranormal romance series Immortality Bites. This series ended with (!SPOILER ALERT!) her landing the master vampire of her dreams and a shiny diamond engagement ring. End of story, right?

Well, um. No.

You see, Sarah’s a tricky character. After 20+ books I’ve written in my career thus far, she is the single most stubborn, annoying, opinionated and, well... did I say stubborn (?!!?) character I’ve ever written. Yes, I do realize she’s fictional, but...shhh. Don’t tell her that.

She was soooo not ready to retire after the “happily ever after” I gave her. She arrived back in my imagination in 2010 with not one, not two, but a full series worth of ideas. Problem: her paranormal romance days were done. Buh-bye. I mean, how many times can you keep two people apart by putting obstacles in the way of their trooo luurve before it just gets BORING? But, the thing is, Immortality Bites was never only about the romance. There was mystery, there was intrigue, there was humor and fun and danger galore!

Therefore, Sarah suggested that she might fit very cozily into cozy mystery. And when she just WOULD NOT shut up about it, I let her give it a shot. And...she was right. Cozy paranormal mystery fits her perfectly. I had a ton of fun writing BB&B and was thrilled that Penguin wanted to publish it!

The fantastic thing about cozies is how much room there is to play and few hard and fast rules. Well, except for MURDER. Which, I’m totally cool with, fictionally speaking. ;) Now, with the focus off the romance (although, trust me, there is still plenty of that to go around!) I can explore new areas more fully, let Sarah stretch her legs as she gets deep – very deep – into trouble. As she does.

BLOOD BATH & BEYOND was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with a story (followed closely by its June 2013 sequel, BLED & BREAKFAST) and I hope that readers, both new and old to the characters, enjoy Sarah’s future adventures!

Happy Reading!

Michelle xoxo

Immortality Bites Mysteries

Blood Bath & Beyond
An Immortality Bites Mystery 1
Obsidian, August 7, 2012
Mass Market Paperback and eBook, 336 pages

Sarah Dearly is adjusting to life as a fledgling vampire, satisfying her cravings at vampire-friendly blood banks. But when her fiancé Thierry takes a job with the Ring—the secret council in charge of keeping vampires in line—Sarah’s about to get more than a taste of danger...

Being engaged to a centuries-old master vampire can be challenging—especially when he takes a job with the Ring. Thierry’s in for fifty years of nonstop travel and deadly risk. It’s enough to make any woman reconsider the wedding...any woman except Sarah, that is.

Traveling with him to Las Vegas for his first assignment, they encounter a child beauty pageant contestant from hell, as well as a vampire serial killer leaving victims drained of blood, potentially exposing the existence of vampires to the whole world. But when Thierry’s truly ancient history comes back to haunt him, and he’s accused of a crime he didn’t commit, it’s up to Sarah to clear his name before their immortal lives come to an end.

If you'd like to see what Sarah was up to prior to Blood Bath & Beyond 
check out the Immortality Bites series

About Michelle

Michelle Rowen has always loved vampire fiction, especially when the vampires are tall, dark, and handsome instead of evil, scary, and gruesome. She is the national bestselling and award-winning author of many paranormal novels for adults and young adults. When not writing or reading, Michelle enjoys watching trashy reality TV and coming up with good excuses not to go to the gym. Visit her website at www.michellerowen.com, "Like" her at www.facebook.com/michellerowenbooks, and follow her at www.twitter.com/michellerowen!

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