Saturday, June 02, 2012

Midnight Horror by D.M. Janin (my son)

This is a short piece of horror fiction that my son wrote for a school assignment this past Fall.  I like it so thought I would share it with all of you.  He could not read it to the class because of the content. He was able to share it with 2 other students in his class who also wrote horror pieces with scary content like my son's. My son is just finishing 5th Grade.

D.M. Janin

As I pulled out my Dad's old Smith & Wesson revolver I saw the horrible beast rip Jake's head clean off in a shower of bone, flesh and blood. The demon turned his unholy eyes to me. I primed the revolver and in a moment of madness the hulking horror had a hole the size of a baseball in its head. The crater was gushing a strange liquid that seemed to bubble. The beast died there looking at me with its soulless, lifeless eyes.

I looked at my watch and realized it was 5:00 a.m.  I swiftly ran to my shack, opened the wooden door, placed the revolver on the table, and cut some bread to toast. The door slammed open and the mayor was there. He asked, "Mark, what was that thing?" I had one choice but to tell the truth. I quickly replied, "That was a demon, sir" and continued to cut the fresh bread as he looked at me with a puzzled and shocked expression on his face. He closed the door behind him as he left.

When I finished cutting the bread, I no longer felt hungry. I set the bread aside and thought about Jake. All I could feel was guilt, nearly cried and walked up to bedroom replaying the horror in my head over and over. I felt like the torment would never end, but then I felt a sliver of happiness. One more demon down, another 259 to go. I laughed at the thought of me killing all the demons. I would need another assistant before anything else.

As the morning sprang to life, I woke up with a headache. I walked down to the employment building and hung a small wood sign that read:


I felt insane for putting up a sign that said that, but who knows. Maybe I'll get a new assistant or have to take on 259 demons alone. I walked out as I saw a person around the age of 15 following me. I turned around and asked "Hello?" The boy stopped and said "Are you the demon hunter?" I replied "Yes. You applying to be my assistant?" The boy nodded yes. I smiled and told him to come to my home Tuesday morning. "We will prepare."

The night flew by like a bullet. On Tuesday morning John and I prepared for the final hunt. I handed him a new revolver, the .44 magnum, strongest revolver on earth. He toyed with it, loaded it and put it on safety. It seemed the day was only an hour and it truly was. It must have been the demons causing it. They were coming closer and closer. Every second could be a life lost. By the time we were ready we saw huge red bodies coming over the horizon.

I stepped outside and John followed me close behind. He was shaking either with anticipation or fear. I took out my revolver and fired a shot at the head of the largest demon. In a split second the bullet blew its head off. I laughed weakly as the demon closest to it did not even flinch. He kept his gaze fixed on me. John pulled out his revolver and and fired straight at another demon approaching. He wasn't used to the kick of the gun and he missed by a mile. I fired two more shots and they both smashed into the skulls of the two healthiest looking demons. That set the rest off screeching and running at us. The rest of the town noticed and took to the battle with carbines and magnums.

The fight raged for hours and hours. At the end no one died and there was one demon left. "John I'll let you end the human demon war" I said.  He held up his revolver and fired. The demon was caught off guard and fell to the ground with a horrifying squeal. I patted John on the back. He asked me "Is it over?" I replied "No we're just getting started." I laughed with relief and the village followed.

The End?

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  1. Wow. Amazing that D is only a 5th grader and wrote like that. **applause applause applause**
    Tell him that tho I'm not a big horror fan, I think he should keep writing. :)