Sunday, January 08, 2012

Winners x 4 - January 8, 2012

And the winners are....

4 Dark Swan novels by Richelle Mead and 4 comics from Richelle Mead Dark Swan: Storm Born comic series - Ended December 30, 2011

Question:  What is your favorite comic, cartoon series, or Urban Fantasy series?

Stephanie who said...
My favorite urban fantasy series is the Hollows series by Kim Harrison.

Merry and Happy Giveaway - 12 Books by Christine Feehan - Ended January 1, 2012

Question: What is the most favorite holiday present you've received?

rissatoo who said...
As you know, Qwill, this year the best gift I received was the gift of solitude & privacy. ;)
But as silly as it seems, the Christmas gift that has stayed in my heart as "best ever" was in 1973 when I got a "Baby Alive" doll and extra "food" and diapers for her. Gosh, I loved that doll! :)

Bitter Night (Horngate Witches 1), Crimson Wind (Horngate Witches 2), and Shadow City (Horngate Witches 3) by Diana Pharaoh Francis - Ended January 3, 2012

Question: Who is your favorite witch from literature or TV?  or  Who is your favorite female warrior from literature or TV?

Mel who said...
My favourite witch would have to be Tara from Buffy - she was so cool! I always enjoyed watching Charmed as well though. From books though I lov Paige from Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series

Favourite warrior - Xena just rocks! And Mulan of course! :-)

Night Reigns (Immortal Guardians 2 ) by Dianne Duvall (signed) - Ended January 5, 2012

Question:  Who is one of your favorite heroes or heroines from a book you've read in 2011?

June M. who said...
One of my favorite heroes from a book this year is Ares from Larissa Ione's ETERNAL RIDER, the first book of her Lords of Deliverance series. This was the first book of her's that I read and I became an immediate fan.

Have a Happy New Year's!

The winners have been notified and have until 11:59PM US Eastern Time on Sunday, January 15, 2012 to respond or The Qwillery will very randomly choose a new winner or winners.

Congratulations to the winners. Thank you to all for participating!


  1. Yay! Thanks Quill - I've been wanting to read Diane's books for ages! I'm hoping this means this week will be good! :)

  2. Hi Mel, The Horngate Witches is fantastic. I hope you do have a good week!

  3. Woohoo! These will keep me busy for a while!

    Thanks, Qwill!

  4. Thank you so much! I can't wait to read NIGHT REIGNS!