Saturday, December 24, 2011

Winners x 8! - December 24, 2011

Twas the day before Christmas... and The Qwillery is announcing winners! Happy Holidays everyone!

The Emperor's Knife (Tower and Knife 1) by Mazarkis Williams

Questions:  What is/are your favorite Fantasy novel(s)?

Lexi who said...

Lord of the Rings is amazing, but also a given. I also love Patricia Briggs (Hob's Bargain) and Patricia C. Wrede (her dragon series).
Love that you listed Dr. Seuss! I have been reading his books a lot with my daughter!
Your book sounds gripping!

Acquainted With the Night by Piper Maitland

Question:  What has been your favorite place setting for a novel?

lindalou who said...

OMG, it's hard to pick a favorite. I'm reading a book now set in Scotland... and it's my current favorite setting. However, I've read books set in magical places and in the stars and in multiple other locales that I could also call my favorite. Hope this answers the question! Thanks for the giveaway!

Shaedes of Gray (Shade Assassin 1) by Amanda Bonilla  US/Canada ONLY!

Question:  What creature or being is your ideal paranormal best friend?

Lieder Madchen who said...

I would love to have a dragon as a friend! I am kind of obsessed with dragons. :) A shapeshifter would be awesome, too. Thank you for the giveaway!

Devil's Kiss (Hellraisers 1) by Zoë Archer - 1 signed copy (US/Canada Only) and 1 unsigned copy (International)

Question:  If you were offered any power, what would tempt you the most?

US winner

Julie W who said...

I would have to say super-speed! Just think of how many things you could get done in a day if you could move super fast!!

International winner

buddyt who said...

Thanks for the giveaway.

I have been asked the question before and what I usually answer is teleportation for the simple reason that I love travelling to different places around the world but that is quite an expensive thing to do.

If I could teleport myself and partner with our luggage straight to a hotel at my destination. how great would that be!

The Fallen Queen (House of Arkhangel’sk 1) ebook by Jane Kindred

Question: Which royal family or royal individual might be fun to fictionalize in a fantasy novel?

loves to dive who said...

Wow, that's a hard question since most of the well known ones have already been done. I'm a big fan of all things middle eastern and love the history that surrounds the area so maybe one of the lesser royal families there.

Just as an aside, I too am fascinated with the story of the Russian royal family. I visited an exibit of their jewels in Memphis once and stood there in the middle of the museum bawling like a baby.

Hellsbane (Hellsbane 1) by Paige Cuccaro (ebook)

Question:  If you were only half human, what would be your other half?

Taking it One Book at a Time who said...

I'd have to be half Fae! <3333 anything Fae!

Thomas World by Richard Cox. US/CANADA ONLY.

Question:  Which books would you like as gifts this year?

Spaz who said...

My dream Christmas books? How about every book that Night Shade has put out in the past year? (Except No Hero by Jonathan Wood, which I was fortunate enough to win -- from a giveaway here at The Qwillery!!)

The winners have been notified and have until 11:59PM US Eastern Time on Saturday, January 7, 2012 to respond or The Qwillery will very randomly choose a new winner or winners. Extra time has been given to respond due to the holiday season.

As usual, thank you all for participating and reading The Qwillery.