Sunday, December 18, 2011

And more winners....

Here are more winners at The Qwillery:

The Limit of Desire (The Limit War 3) ebook by Nico Rosso

Question:  Favorite type of Romance? SciFi? Paranormal? Contemporary? Steampunk? etc.

Arianne Cruz who said...
I love historical romance and those that have military or secret agents in them :)

Hearts of Smoke and Steam (The Society of Steam 2) by Andrew P. Mayer

Question: While Victorian London is the traditional setting for steampunk stories, in which city or place would you like to see a steampunk story set? 

Barbara E. who said...
I think Boston, or maybe Montreal in the Victorian era would be an interesting setting. I'm thinking of lots of snow where the steam would really rise through the cold.

Immortals Series by Jennifer Ashley, Joy Nash and Robin T. Popp

Question:  What is your favorite series Paranormal Romance or Urban Fantasy?

Darby Rae who said...
Wonderful Giveaway!
My favorite Paranormal series is Shifters Unbound by Jennifer Ashley. I'm impatiently awaiting book 3, Wild Cat. I see MANY others in comments here that look great too.

Shield of Fire (Bringer and the Bane 1) ebook by Boone Brux 

Question:  Who is your favorite Happily Ever After couple (or couples)?

BlackWolf who said...
my favorite happily ever after couple is Snow white and prince charming...

Minds Games (Disillusionists Trilogy 1) and Double Cross (Disillustionists Trilogy 2) by Carolyn Crane

Question:  Which is your favorite Supernatural Sidekick from Carolyn's post?

rissatoo who said...
I love Carolyn's cartoons! Too funny. :)

My favorite sidekick (and the one I really need!), is the Magical Review Monkey. I'm gonna have to add a P.S. to my Santa letter! ;)

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