Saturday, October 08, 2011

Winners x 4 - October 8, 2011

And the winners are....

No Proper Lady by Isabel Cooper (2 copies)

The Question:  If you were time traveling to the past, what is the one thing you would absolutely want to bring with you?

Scorpio1974 who said...
I don't know what I would take to travel back to the past. Maybe my laptop and hope it worked, lol!


Laura H. who said...
Thanks for the giveaway! The one "thing" I would absolutely want to bring with me is toilet paper!

The Darkest Surrender (Lords of the Underworld) by Gena Showalter

The Question:  What is your favorite book by Gena or which of her books are looking forward to the most?

Barbara who said...
OMG...I LOVE Gena's books! Especially the Lords. I even have their butterfly tattooed on my left foot, no lie! So, you will understand when I tell you that it's tough to choose a favorite. I CAN tell you that I'm looking forward to reading about Paris, William and Torin...and Dallas (from Alien Huntress)...and the new Royal House of Shadows series has me waiting breathlessly too! I could go on and on and on....

The Immorality Engine (Newbury & Hobbes Investigation 3) by George Mann

The Question:  Which cover of The Immorality Engine do you like better?

Sheree who said...
I prefer the US version. The UK version seems too busy even if it has Queen Victoria on it.

Song of the Nile (Cleopatra's Daughter 2) by Stephanie Dray

The Question:  Who is your favorite historical person?

Sabrina who said...
One of the historical figures that I find very fascinating is Belisarius, the Byzantine General. Reading about his campaigns got me interested in the Byzantine empire.

The winners have been notified and have until 11:59 PM on Saturday, October 15, 2011 to respond or The Qwillery will very randomly choose a new winner or winners.