Sunday, October 09, 2011

Announcing the 2012 Debut Author Challenge

The Qwillery's Debut Author Challenge is entering its second year. This year many of the 2012 Debut Authors will be writing a guest post approximately 2 months ahead of his or her debut novel's publication. So you will be getting to know some of these Debut Authors starting next month. Near the debut's publication date, each of the 2012 Debut Authors will be interviewed. Debut Authors' books will be listed in a post on the first of each month. Please check each month's list to let me know if I've missed any debut authors. You can also let everyone participating know which book you will be reading in the comments to the post.

The object of the 2012 Debut Author Challenge is for participants to read at least 12 debut novels during 2012 - one from each month of the year though you may read them anytime between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012.

The genres and subgenres covered by the challenge are Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Mystery, Horror, Science Fiction, SciFi Romance, Steampunk, Steampunk Mystery, Steampunk Romance, Supernatural Noir and all their permutations. The debuts are not YA/MG.

This year we will also attempt some group reads of debut novels and invite the author(s) back for some Q&A.

Sign up in the comments below if you'd like to participate.

2012 Debut Author Visits as of October 9, 2011:

The following Debut Authors will be visiting The Qwillery during 2011/2012. Please note that they are listed in alphabetical order, not guest post, interview or release date order. This list will be continually updated. You can see the most up-to-date list at the 2012 DAC page.

(release month)
Guest Post Date
Interview Date

Nightshifted (June)

Stephen Blackmoore
City of the Lost (Jan)

[1st in a series]
Michael Boccacino
Charlotte Markham (July)

Kira Brady
Hearts of Darkness (Aug)

Deadglass Trilogy
Amanda Carlson
Full Blooded (Sep)

Jessica McClain

Adam Christopher

Empire State (Jan)

Deborah Coates
Wide Open (March)

Myke Cole
Control Point (Jan)

Shadow Ops
Rachel Graves
Waking Up Dead (May)

Kylie Griffin
Vengeance Born (Feb)

The Light Blade
Chris F. Holm
Dead Harvest (March)

Eowyn Ivey
The Snow Child (Feb)

Suzanne Johnson
Royal Street (April)

 Sentinels of New Orleans 
Jay Kristoff
Stormdancer (Fall)

The Lotus War

Shawntelle Madison
Coveted (May)

E.S. Moore
To Walk the Night (Jan)

Jillian Stone
The Seduction of Phaeton Black (April)

Phaeton Black
Joan Swan
Fever (Spring)

Phoenix Rising
James R. Tuck
Blood and Bullets (Feb)

Deacon Chalk Occult
Bounty Hunter
Chuck Wendig
Blackbirds (May)

Miriam Black

You can keep up to date with 2012 Debut Author Challenge information at the 2012 DAC page.


  1. So many of these books are on my TBR list! I'm already gearing up for 2012.

  2. There are quite a lot of books here that I'd love to read. I'll be watching for the interviews and posts for all the debut authors. It's something I really enjoy, to learn about new authors and their books, so I'm glad you have this feature at The Qwillery.

  3. What a killer lineup! Honored to be included...

  4. I discovered the 2011 challenge far too late, so I'm pleased to see The Qwillery is doing this next year too!

  5. Wow it sounds like some incredible titles coming up. I look forward to reading these posts and already am itching to get a hold of a couple of these books - yes, I am a cover junky, but don't tell anyone LOL

  6. Each time I read one of these posts, my credit card runs away!

    So many of these books sound great.

    Tracey D

  7. Thank you everyone! There will be more authors added just like last year. We're going to have a great reading year!

  8. This is wonderful! I have a few authors I know of who will be debuting here in 2012. :) I'm also always looking for new authors and books. :) Thank you for the Challenge!

  9. Melissa - I'm hunting down several more debuts so keep an eye on the 2012 DAC page. That's where all the up to date information is! :D

  10. I'm so close to finishing the 2011 DAC that I felt safe to come in here and sign up for the 2012 version. :)

    Thanks a TON for starting this challenge, Qwill! You made me step outside of my comfort zone of familiar authors, and I can honestly say I enjoyed every single 2011 DAC book I read. Of course, now my TBR list is getting even more ungainly... But on the bright side? I'll NEVER run out of books to read! Yay! LOL


  11. I missed out on last year's challenge so I'm joining this new one early :-)

    Thank you!

  12. Great challenge! I've been meaning to read more debuts... And though I normally read all genres, the ones listed here interest me enough to try and go for it! :)