Thursday, October 07, 2010

Wednesday Comics on Thursday - October 7, 2010

Here are my favorite comics from October 6, 2010's new comics:

Aspen Comics:

I was so excited to see this comic. It's got such an awesome steampunky cover because it's a steampunk paranormal detective series.

Lady Mechanica, Issue 0
The exciting adventure of Aspen's newest female heroine begins here! The mysteries surrounding private investigator LADY MECHANIKA and her origin begin to unfold as she heads to a rundown city known as Satan's Alley. Located on the lower eastside, it is an area of town under siege by the presence of a murderous creature of unknown origin. While a weapons manufacturer has issued a reward for the unknown slayer, drawing a crowd of bounty hunters looking to cash in, Lady Mechanika's purpose is far more personal - information that could lead to the truth about her creation.

There is a New York Comic Con Variant I hope to pick up!

Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: Storm Front, Vol.2, #3
Lt. Murphy is the latest victim of the Shadowman's magic and Harry is out to avenge his best friend. Can Harry stop the killer in time or is he destined to be the final victim?

The Dresden Files: Storm Front careens toward its shattering conclusion loaded with all the magic, mystery and adventure that make Jim Butcher's novels a smash hit!


Richard Matheson's Kolchak: The Night Strangler

I've loved Kolchak since I saw Darren McGavin in the first Kolchak movie.
Legendary author Richard Matheson (I am Legend, What Dreams May Come, Twilight Zone) wrote this second Kolchak TV movie about the underground city that actually exists beneath present day Seattle! The Kolchak TV movies are still two of the MOST WATCHED TV movies of all time! Matheson has won Lifetime Achievement Awards from: World Fantasy Award, Bram Stoker Award, Edgar Allen Poe Award, The Hugo Award, Writer’s Guild Award, etc!

Here is the opening sequence to the TV series that ran on ABC from 1974 -1975. It sadly only lasted 1 season.


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